The Flash Movie Allows DCU To Create A Much Scarier Darkseid Reboot

The Flash, a film from DC, may give the new DCU a chance to make Darkseid the major antagonist again. How the projects formally confirmed for release in 2023 will be affected is one of the biggest uncertainties since James Gunn and Peter Safran assumed control of DC Studios as the creative leaders behind the series moving forward.

One such movie is The Flash by Andy Muschietti, which has seen more than its fair share of production-related problems.

The Flash is expected to adopt a Flashpoint-style scenario and is scheduled for publication in June 2023 despite these problems. With the character Darkseid facing two possible problems after his appearance in Justice League, this plot may support a Darkseid revival.

The Justice League would have had to deal with him early in the series if the villain was to be successfully written out until the final encounter with him because the character was created so early in the disjointed DCEU before James Gunn’s takeover.

Why Darkseid Must Reused in the DCU

However, The Flash is a perfect answer for the DCU’s foreseeable use of Darkseid. A new Darkseid who hasn’t faced the Justice League of the DCU could be featured in The Flash, a potential reboot, thanks to the universe and Flashpoint.

Due to Darkseid’s significance in the DC universe as a whole, this is necessary. Gunn and Safran must incorporate Darkseid, frequently regarded as the greatest villain in the DC universe, into their plans for any potential DC films.

Providing a goal for the franchise to work toward would also aid in the DCU developing a stronger sense of cohesion. While Gunn, Safran, and the other Warner Bros. creatives will be attempting to create their universe, adopting a method that has been proven successful in some way would not be a bad idea. One of those components might be the appearance of a major antagonist to challenge Thanos from the MCU, such as Darkseid.

The Darkseid of the DCU needs to be more than Thanos.

Darkseid must be much more than just the DCU’s Thanos and very easily might be. In the comic books, Darkseid has completely different goals than Thanos. In Marvel Comics, Thanos carries out his evil deeds to show his devotion to Death, the person he loves.

Through his somewhat ecological mentality, the MCU partially altered that but left the idea of wiping out half of all life from the cosmos through Thanos’ MCU snap intact. However, Darkseid is more purely evil because he only seeks to rule the universe.

The main objective of Darkseid is to destroy all human agency and recreate the universe in his image. To accomplish this, he searches the planets he has conquered for the Anti-Life Equation. Before Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos’ primary MCU presence was always lurking in the distance.

Darkseid might gradually present in the relaunched DCU as a homicidal tyrant conquering several planets, possibly linked to Superman or a new DCU Green Lantern to hint at his eventual takeover of Earth. Darkseid would become much more terrifying due to this ominous, wholly wicked menace, and it might be established as early as The Flash in 2023.