The Creators of 15 Love Want to Become the Home of Tennis in Web3, But Can They Pull It Off?

Sports and NFTs aren’t typically a pairing thought to go together. The majority of mainstream audiences perceive tokens to be aesthetic-only purchases with little relevance to moments of sporting glory. And, yet, sports leaders have been some of the most prominent figures to announce adoption of blockchain technology. As appetite for tokens grows, independent enthusiasts are too looking to bridge the NFT and sports worlds.

15 Love, a tennis NFT project and launch pad with utility and ambitions in the metaverse, is attempting to create the home of the sport in Web3. It is planning to launch during the frenzy of tennis interest during Wimbledon. 

The project plans to build an immersive metaverse tennis community with a futuristic tennis stadium, a tennis hall of fame, and a series of specialist rooms for events hosted by a team of tennis ambassadors, including top tennis players, legends, and tennis experts.

Co-founder Sabrina Stocker’s company Metaverse Media is involved with the project and has established itself in the NFT and blockchain industry in recent times. Stocker has well-placed experience as the company’s CEO and nearly two decades of involvement with tennis as a player, coach, and events entrepreneur in the USA and the UK. In addition, she was a candidate on BBC’s The Apprentice, reaching the Final Five in 2018. 

Since then, she has been featured in Forbes, has built a following of 50,000 on social media, and was the youngest Top 10 Female Entrepreneur named by Apple News. She now has over 40 staff to help 15 Love reach its full potential, mainly involved in tennis, marketing, the metaverse, and NFTs.

In addition, co-founder Kyle Stocker is a world-ranked tennis player on the ITF circuit and has been integral to the project due to his knowledge and contacts within the tennis world and knowledge in the NFT space. He has taken a step back from his professional sports career to invest time and expertise into the project.

The sport-based token and launch pad has produced a collection of unique NFT tennis racquets that will provide owners access to this tennis community. Several businesses, top tennis players, and legends are already on board. Numerous others are in the final stages of negotiation, eager to participate in what is expected to become a trillion-dollar market.  

“15 Love plans to make a tennis community where NFT holders can access a range of tennis-related benefits,” Stocker said. “We aim to have regular player lounges where holders can meet tennis pros and legends in the game, as well as build a tennis metaverse community for fans to interact and host special promotions and exhibits.”

“It is too hard to say how far we will go as technology develops,” she continued. “We plan to adapt and incorporate new systems into the project and launch pad. We have a great team behind us, spending every second to stay ahead of the competition. The metaverse is immersive; it makes you feel like you are among other people. We believe it’s the future.”

The key to the project’s early success will undoubtedly depend on media attention and the community it builds. The counter-stroke is that Sabrina runs Metaverse Media, has 50,000 social media followers, and manages several podcasts. She is also an experienced public speaker before audiences of over 20,000 and retains a large international team of Web3 experts. Therefore, it is expected that her PR machine will give 15 Love its best serve.

The broader tennis world has begun to embrace NFTs, as Stan Wawrinka, Andy Murray, and Serena Williams have recently adopted the technology. However, 15 Love’s new initiative will act as an unprecedented portal into the tennis community, with a metaverse area to be implemented in the future. At the very least, it reminded me to get my old tennis racket out of the garage before the Wimbledon surge.

More information about 15 Love can be found on their website and Twitter.

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article are intended to be used for informational purposes only and are not to be taken as investment advice. It is important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.