The Best Luxury Farmhouses in Karachi to Visit in 2021

As the sky blazes blue and the golden ray peeks into the window, the summer sun is a celebration of yellow, free, and bright. Kids splash around in the pool, letting go of a year’s worth of exam stress. Families get together on picnics while enjoying tasty treats.

Summer is officially here in Karachi, with luncheons and family gatherings becoming the essence of the season. So, you better gear up and start looking into a good Farmhouse for rent. From locations to pools, living rooms, and kid-safe play areas, everything must be kept in consideration.

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Looking for a luxury Farmhouse in Karachi and can’t find one? Look no further! Here is a list of the best luxury farmhouses Karachi has to offer so you can book the perfect venue to spend time with your family and relax this summer.

Riverdale – Vista Venues

Located only minutes away from Gharo, the Riverdale is one of the Best Farmhouse in Pakistan. Spread over 4 acres of spacious land with state-of-the-art facilities, Vista Venues provides you and your family a luxurious vacation experience.

Away from the busy life of the city, Riverdale offers a separate security force to ensure the safety of your guests and family so you can enjoy with ease.

Equipped with a granite patio fireplace and live outdoor BBQ, host an amazing BBQ night or gaze at the stars while you sit back and relax. The indoor area is centrally airconditioned and comes with 3 spacious bedrooms, attached baths, and a lavish lounge.

A stone studded waterfall sits at the front of a 4-star swimming pool with a jacuzzi at the side to let you swim your troubles away.
The Best Luxury Farmhouses in Karachi to Visit in 2021

Such a picturesque ambience makes it perfect for all types of production shoots as well. Moreover, the lush and natural greenery with a pool combines to make this Gharo Farmhouse a spectacular outdoor wedding venue or a Bridal Shower Venue.

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Shangrilla Farmhouse

Situated at Hamdard University Road beside Noorani Hotel, Shangrilla is another Farmhouse in Karachi offering comfort with luxury to its guests.

The farmhouse is set in an extensive ground with a covered outdoor an indoor area, coupled with airconditioned rooms and an ideal swimming pool with a filter plant. Regular fumigation ensures a mosquito-free environment.

A Barbecue area along with a natural look of waterfall creates an invigorating aura while a specific space for indoor games like Snooker and Carrom will keep your family entertained.

Check out their website to look at more facilities they provide.

Karachi Farmhouse

Located in Malir, near KN Academy, the Karachi Farmhouse is a treat for families. This luxurious farmhouse presents a wide range of facilities for you and your family.

2 types of swimming pools for adults and children means you can leave your kids to enjoy without having to supervise them. Furthermore, a separate poolside for females will make sure all the ladies have a good time and get together.

6 spacious, airconditioned, and fully furnished guestrooms keep your comfort in check while a separate area for indoor games like table tennis, snooker, and carrom will make your stay worth the money.

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Rani Empire Resort

A supposed ‘heaven on earth’, the Rani Empire Resort exceeds expectations in affordability and quality.  With a 9-hole golf course spread all over the area, spend your leisure time in the best way possible.

Take a dip into a state-of-the-art swimming pool or enjoy a variety of indoor games with your family. The resort also consists of a baby pool and a kids play area to keep your children entertained all day.

An airconditioned aqua room will leave guests mesmerized as they pose for pictures whereas an international standard mini zoo will expose you to all kinds of beautiful and exotic animals.

Take a look at the Rani Empire website to know more about their amenities.

Al Siraj Farmhouse

With a diverse range of Farmhouses, Al Siraj brings you an ideal place to relax with your family. A natural environment with a blend of rural and urban setting.

Beat the heat as you dive into a covered pool, highly developed, and installed with a water filter plant. On a smooth cemented cricket pitch equipped with led lights and lush green grass all around, challenge each other to an old-fashioned game of cricket.

A separate BBQ area along with a huge outdoor dining zone will let your guests enjoy soulful food in a buffet style arrangement, making your picnic experience one of a kind!

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There you have it! 5 of the best luxury farmhouses you can visit in Karachi this summer. Summer holidays call for some family time and a chance for you to relax and enjoy, forgetting about your work troubles for a while. Give one of these Farmhouses in Karachi a try and brace yourself for a fun filled, engaging, and memorable picnic. Ready, Set, Book!

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