The Benefits of Watching TV

Yes, you read that title right. There are benefits to watching TV. Now before you run off to show this article to your mom or send it to all your friends, the truth is like anything else we do, the time we spend watching TV overall needs to be managed in moderation. This means you can’t use the TV for your escapist fantasies where you get so immersed within the virtual life that you begin to get out of touch with reality. The benefits of TV can often be enjoyed when the world of TV can have positive impacts on our actual reality.

Still not convinced that the TV or shall I call it by its infamous name, the idiot box, can have benefits. Well wait up because we are about to list some benefits the TV can definitely have for you:

1.    TV Can Aid in Relaxation

You know that feeling when you come home after a long day at work and you are just super exhausted. You don’t have the strength to do anything and you don’t feel like you have the concentration levels to read a book. Because sure books are great but there’s a certain level of mental energy required otherwise you might be reading without absorbing any of the words. Next thing you know you’re on page 58 and can’t remember the plot so far.

Additionally, a lot of books require consistency and with one’s levels of depleting energy varying every day, you may not have the consistency required to get through a book. That means you can read chapter 1 and then forget about it until a month later where you can’t move on to chapter 2 because you’ve forgotten all of chapter 1.

But in the case of TV, many shows and programs are designed such that you can zone out for a bit and still understand what’s happening. Also all you need to do is sit on your couch and turn on the TV. Plus with Hargray bundle prices and cable TV offers the possibilities of what you can watch are almost endless! Access to premium local networks means you can come home and watch some of America’s most popular content. All you have to do is get comfy on the couch, turn on the TV and turn off your brain for a while.

By relaxing your brain by immersing it in viewer content your mind gets a break from all your daily stressors. Getting a break such as this is crucial to our social-emotional health as it helps us recharge ad feel ready to once more face life’s challenges.

2.    TV as a Source of Comfort

In 2012 studies published in the journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science actually found that watching movies and shows that we’ve already watched and enjoyed can be a great source of comfort for many people.

Popular shows the like “The Office” have been loved and rewatched by countless individuals. In fact I am sure there is someone in your very own circle who probably harps on and on about The Office and rewatches it. There’s nothing unique about The Office though and the reason why certain people rewatch shows is that they have a sense of familiarity with the characters.

In a world where we don’t know what’s going to happen, watching a show or movie where we already know the entire plot or storyline is extremely comforting. This sense of comfort also then aids in our ability to relax which is great for our health.

3.    Laughter is the Best Medicine

We’ve all heard the old adage “Laughter is the best medicine” and well to some extent it’s true. Mental and emotional health has become extremely important and rightly so. Our emotional and mental well-being has a significant impact on our daily lives and functions. When we watch something funny we laugh and that triggers 3 important processes: firstly laughing releases endorphins which makes us feel good.

Secondly laughter releases a neurotransmitter called serotonin which has something akin to the effect of taking an antidepressant.

Thirdly laughter helps reduce stress levels thereby, in turn, reducing the chances of inflammation of one’s blood vessels and heart muscles which can otherwise be damaging.

4.    Economical Choice

Going out to watch movies regularly or wanting to attend a play or concert can be expensive. However, you have entertainment needs that have to be met on the regular. So what do you do? The cheapest option is to switch on your TV and find something that suits you. There are no extra fees and charges apart from your monthly cable bill. In this manner watching TV can help save money.

5.    Develop Relationships With Others

Watching television can be a great chance to bond with others. If you’re living with your own family then you know that everyone can have different interests and different priorities of things they need to be doing so turning on a family-friendly movie or watching the news together can be a great time for everyone to sit with one another. Things get even better when you all end up laughing together or having stimulating discussions based on what you’re watching.

Additionally turning on the TV and watching something together can reduce the awkwardness when you’re trying to get to know someone special. The TV show can help break the ice by giving you two something to talk about and also filling in the lulls in conversation.

6.    Help Fine-Tune Your Second Language Skills

Are you learning a second language? Have you recently moved to the US? Want to learn English? Well watching TV and hearing English being spoken can significantly help polish your language skills as well as help you understand US culture. There’s a lot of cultural knowledge to be gained such as popular American phrases or metaphors.

To Sum Up

TV can offer several benefits to an individual or to a family so remember taking time to turn on the TV isn’t always a bad thing as long as it is done so in moderation.