The benefits of Pilates go beyond the bodily improvements

Nothing can be simpler than practicing Pilates. You need just a mat and perform various body movements at a slow pace with complete control and precision while intensely concentrating on what you are doing. On looking up at the website of some Pilates studios, it will become clear that the exercises consist of various movements that help achieve a toned and shapely body by taking care of the whole body with emphasis on increasing the core strength and better body balance. Improved posture is the other goal of Pilates that uses controlled and repetitive movements that are fun to do.

Tone your body

Pilates helps to build toned muscles that keep your body fit while ensuring flexibility. The functional fitness achieved with Pilates keeps your body supple and flexible, which facilitates a broader range of motions and movements regardless of your age. Pilates uses the technique of muscle contraction known as an eccentric contraction to create long and strong muscles. The contraction of muscle occurs when the muscle elongates due to the tension applied to it.  Some movements of Pilates resist gravity but in a controlled way, like doing a triceps pushup.  The movements effectively strengthen the upper and lower body and the abdominal muscles and are especially beneficial for menopausal women.

 Develop core strength

The deep muscles of the abdomen, back, and pelvic floor muscles form the body’s core muscles. These muscles support a supple and strong back; encourage efficient movement patterns and good posture. To support the body well, you need a strong core allowing the shoulders and neck to relax and the other muscles to freely do their jobs. To get the most from the exercises, you must learn to pull your abs inside, which is possible only when you have a tight and strong core.

A variety of abdominal exercises included in Pilates improves the strength of the core muscles and builds endurance. A study showed that two-hour Pilate sessions per week for 12 weeks helped improve upper back posture and abdominal strength.

Increase your flexibility

The goal of Pilates is to stretch and safely elongate the muscles while increasing the range of motion inside the joints. Pilates helps develop a body that can bend and stretch to meet the flow of life, and you can achieve a healthy goal without pushing your body to the limits.

Enjoy energy boost

The movements of Pilates make good use of breath and blood circulation, stimulate the muscles and spine and infuse a feeling of wellness in the body in the same way as you would feel when doing other traditional exercises for the whole body. The more you exercise, the more energy builds up, which encourages you to do more exercises. Incorporating Pilates into your daily routine can be a great way to maintain your fitness and stay healthy.

Pilates aid weight loss

Regular practice of Pilates changes your body gradually and improves your muscle tone, supports beautiful posture, and gives you the confidence to move with ease and grace. As Pilate helps you burn more calories, balancing the exercises with a healthy diet supported by aerobics can help achieve your weight loss goals.

The best thing is that you can practice Pilates at home after learning it from the trainers at the studio.