The 15 most common mistakes you should avoid when planning your wedding

Did you get your ring, and you and your partner already feel overwhelmed just thinking about starting your wedding planning? Don’t worry; it’s the most normal! Planning a wedding is a super exciting and fun stage, but it is not an easy process and can be very stressful.

Between the nerves, the emotion that you are finally going to have the wedding of your dreams, enter an unknown world, decide between a thousand things and make inevitable mistakes that have an easy solution of knowing them in time; it can become a process you don’t enjoy, but it shouldn’t be.

If you and your partner are organized, clear about what you want, trust the experts, and enjoy the process, it can be very beautiful and memorable.

Here is a list of the 15 most common mistakes you should avoid when planning your wedding. We hope you find them helpful and make your process enjoyable.

1. Start planning without setting a budget

  • This is a common mistake when planning a wedding and is something you should avoid at all costs. Doing your research and being clear about your budget will prevent you from falling in love with a venue or a wedding dress and being very disappointed when you realize that you cannot buy it. It will also prevent you from falling into debts that were not contemplated, arguments with your partner and unnecessary stress.
  • To avoid this problem, make sure you and your partner sit down calmly and do the necessary calculations to know how much you can spend and plan a fixed budget that suits your needs.

2. Not respecting your budget

  • It is very tempting to want to take out the credit card to be able to use that extra dessert service or that dress that is out of our budget… after all, it is our wedding, and we deserve it, right? But if we are not careful and do not have our budget in mind, it can become a problem. It will cause that “extra” to get out of control and end up in unnecessary arguments when you and your partner are just starting your life together, and nobody wants to be in debt. That they were not contemplated or that the budget of your honeymoon or your house is affected, right?
  • If you and your partner already have a fixed budget to stick to, we recommend making a list of priorities and making sure that you give greater importance to the things you consider most essential to cover. Another solution to use your wedding budget more intelligently is to look for alternatives that save you some money.

3. Buy your dress before knowing the style of the wedding or the venue

Although we fully support brides wearing what makes them feel best and fully reflects their personality, it is also true that we advise you to take this point into account. Can you imagine how strange it would look if your wedding turned out to be on a terrace of a luxury restaurant with the most modern decoration and if your dress is the perfect one for a farm wedding?

Before searching for your ideal dress, make sure that the venue and style of your wedding are already defined and then go shopping. We recommend you make a Moodboard in which you save ideas under a more specific concept and think about what style of dress can be best adapted to these needs; this will automatically filter among the thousands of dress options that exist and do the whole process for you. Much easier. If you are still looking for those professionals, we give you the Best destination wedding guest dresses.

4. Extreme dieting

It’s normal to want to look gorgeous on your wedding day, but don’t go to extremes and go on extreme diets. Not only will this harm your physical and mental health, but it will also add stress to your entire planning process, and this stress, in turn, will have other not-so-pleasant effects on your body.

The key is to take care of yourself, love yourself as you are, eat a balanced diet, and avoid unnecessary stress. And do we have to remind you that your partner loves you like this? You’re not planning a wedding for anything! Never forget that.

5. Hire your photographer or videographer all the way

Sometimes we tend to think that the photographer or videographer is not as important as the other providers because, without the others, there is no wedding. But we forget to think that it is the photographers who will capture the memory of that day for the rest of our lives and that just as we want to keep those memories, other couples also have the same desire and not only that, it is likely that they will also seek to hire photographers. We love that photographer or videographer so much and run the risk of not being available for our wedding.

So, as soon as you commit, we recommend you start learning about the work of different wedding photographers and videographers to make an intelligent decision. Reduce your options to those photographers that fit within your budget and make sure that their style is according to your tastes because, remember, those photos will prevail forever. They will be the ones you show your grandchildren in the future. In this way, when you already have the date of your wedding confirmed, you will be able to contact your favourites and secure the day ahead of time.

6. Forgetting that you and your partner are the most important

As much as you want everyone to be amazed at your wedding, you are most important. It is very common to fall into the mistake of wanting to please others (call her mother-in-law, mother or aunt who always wants to give her opinion) and we forget that it is our wedding and that we must make all the decisions based on our tastes, needs and budget.

Whenever you and your partner feel overwhelmed with making a decision, take a step back and consider if it is something you and your partner want or if it will add meaning to your wedding. Always trust your instincts and not be afraid to break tradition; remember that your wedding is a day to celebrate love and that protocols should be redundant. There is no single correct way to celebrate a wedding, this is your day, and you set the rules. This post tells you about Perfect Yoga Wear No Longer A Stretch With Online Marketplace Temu.

7. Not starting planning early

Although we have said that this stage is to be enjoyed and not to overstress yourself during the entire planning, it is also not advisable to relax too much and want to start planning your wedding when there is little time left. If you do that, you risk not finding a dress, that your suppliers and the venue are no longer available, and that your guests cannot accompany you, among many other things. And what about the gigantic stress that comes with it? I can’t even imagine it!

The ideal would be to start with the planning approximately one year before your wedding date (especially the venue, wedding planner and photographer. That way, it is more certain that everything will be available for your date). We know that this process can be overwhelming, and since it is your first time getting married, you don’t even know where to start.

8. Not asking your guests about their allergies or dietary restrictions

No one wants their wedding to have an unfortunate event and for some guests to end up with a swollen lip because they ate something nutty and they shouldn’t have, or worse yet, for half of your wedding to end up in the hospital accompanying the affected party! It is also essential to consider those who follow different diets since it is increasingly common for people to live a vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian life, so offering options for these guests will be a nice gesture.

How can I know that? At the time of delivering your invitations, add an RSVP where when confirming their attendance, they also confirm what type of dish they prefer among the available options, and if they have allergies, they can let you know right there; this same information can be added to the website of your wedding if you prefer. In this way, you will be able to know it in time to communicate it to your Wedding Planner and your caterer and avoid any mishap that prevents your guests from having a good time.

9. Not hiring a Wedding Planner

You may think that with the endless hours you’ve spent on Pinterest saving ideas and reading tips on our blog, you already deserve a wedding planning diploma and are ready to plan everything yourself. Still, here we are to remind you that it is not as easy as it seems and hiring a Wedding Planner will surely make the process easier for you. Analyze this option very well, because even if it is a small celebration, organizing a wedding is not easy and can cause you a lot of stress.

Imagine what it would be like on your wedding day, wanting to get ready while worrying about the tables being set up, the ceremony starting on time, and the cake and catering ready. We already get stressed just by imagining it! In addition, Wedding Planners know the best suppliers, how to adjust to your budget, and coordinate so that everything goes well and on time on the day of the wedding, among many other things.

So you better do your research and hire a Wedding Planner that fits your tastes and budget, and thus you will be able to enjoy this entire planning process much more.

10. Lack of communication with your Wedding Planner

The job of a good Wedding Planner is that everything goes as you ask and that you worry *almost* about nothing, but that does not mean that you do not have to make sure of some things. Among them, see that it has a plan B in case there is a rain forecast, that it is in charge of giving the appropriate times for each event of the day, that it fits your budget and gives you the best options according to its.

We recommend that you schedule appointments or constant video calls to update the process and establish a deal where they clarify that if there is something that your planner cannot fulfil, they let you know in time to find a solution. Always remember to be as clear as possible, communicate assertively and kindly, and above all, do not be afraid to say NO if something does not convince you.

11. Not having a hair and makeup trial ahead of time

Scheduling a test of your hair and makeup will help you and your stylist a lot. If you’re still unsure what you want in your trial, your stylist will guide you, or if you already know exactly what you want, you’ll give them a chance to practice and perfect. Perhaps what you thought you wanted so much, in the end, does not look as good as you thought.

Remember that in the test, you have to be as specific as possible and not remain silent for fear of offending if you don’t like something. On the contrary, your stylist and makeup artist will thank you! Make sure your bridal look fills you in all aspects because the wedding photos will last forever. Remember that makeup and hairstyle will only highlight your beauty and should not make you feel like you are wearing a costume; on the contrary, it is about making you feel like the best version of yourself.

12. Do not decide on a date or let your guests know before knowing if the venue is available

Perhaps you and your partner have a particular date on which you want to celebrate your wedding because it may be a particular day. After all, your anniversary or another important reason has a lot of meaning for you. If so, we recommend you start looking for locations well in advance because it may be an essential day for you, but for the suppliers, it will be just one more date to schedule.

Booking the venue is the most important decision, so make sure it is available for the date you want. Also, remember, although it can be painful and demotivating not being able to schedule a place you like on the date you were so excited about, this should not be a factor that ruins the whole process, always keep in mind that whatever the date, that day will be special for the reason for which it is celebrated. Because of that, it will become one of the most important dates of your life.

Now yes, once you have already secured a final date, it will be the ideal time to start communicating it to your guests.

13. Send invitations at the last minute

You may think that invitations do not have a relevant role in your wedding. You consider them as just another protocol to follow. Still, you have to remember that the invitation gives formality to the event and will give your guests security that they are invited, in addition to informing them of important details such as hours, addresses, dress code and gift table. Hence the importance of sending them on time.

Whether they do it digitally or physically, the ideal is to start sending the invitations three months in advance for local weddings and six months before for destination weddings; in this way, the people they consider essential can organize themselves in time to accompany them in that special day, and you can even save money if you make sure in advance how many people on your list will be able to attend and how many will not.

14. Relying on friends instead of hiring professional providers

It is very common to have that super creative friend or family member who always gives the best dinners and parties, and when you tell her about your engagement, it may make you think that your wedding will not be the exception. And don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with your friends helping, no help is left over when planning a wedding, and that is appreciated. Still, sometimes we get carried away by the recommendations of someone we love, and it is possible that this recommendation is not the right one for our tastes and needs. Sure, the recommendation is valuable, but something that worked for your friend may not work for you.

As tempting as it may be, we recommend that you leave everything in the hands of professionals who are experts in their field so that you and your partner can relax and enjoy your day. Whether it’s your photographer, decorator, makeup artist or even pastry chef, make sure that each supplier connects with the style and vision of your wedding.

15. Wait for everything to be perfect

It is natural to want your wedding to be perfect from start to finish and for everything to be just as you always dreamed it would be… and we understand. But despite that, always remember that perfection does not exist, and there will surely be times when certain situations are not in your hands (such as rain, electricity failures or a defaulted supplier) and getting stressed and angry will not solve anything, on the contrary, it will only It will make for a not-so-pleasant time.

It is better always to remember the main reason why your wedding is celebrated: love is the main reason. And even if things don’t go as expected, that day will be special because you and your partner will carry out one of the greatest acts of love that exist, and that is what both of you should focus on. And of course, also have fun and enjoy like never before, and above all, don’t let details of those over you have no control take away your happiness and add stress to this long-awaited day.

Now that you know the most common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding, you and your partner are ready to start this great process. What a thrill! TRUE? If you are starting to plan, we invite you to visit our supplier’s section, where you will find talented creatives who can make your alternative wedding a reality. Until next time!