Sister Wives: Why Does Mykelti Think Meri Is Being Unfair to Kody?

When mykelti first moved in with Meri and Kody, she thought it was the perfect arrangement. She finally found a place where she felt like she belonged, and Meri and Kody were like a second family. But then things changed. Meri started to get frustrated with mykelti for no apparent reason, and Kody started treating her like a servant. It seemed unfair to mykelti, and she started to feel like she was being shut out of the family. In this blog post, we will explore why mykelti feels that Meri is unfairly upset at Kody and how you can help resolve the situation. We hope that by understanding her perspective, you can help make things right for everyone involved.

Mykelti shares Meri’s True Opinions

Meri has always been feisty and outspoken, and she’s not afraid to say what she thinks. Meri feels that her sister’s wives are unfairly treating Kody. Meri is upset that Kody isn’t getting the same level of support and attention that she is.

Meri believes that her sister’s wives use Kody as a figurehead to get attention. She believes that they only care about themselves and don’t care about Kody. Meri doesn’t understand why they aren’t more supportive of Kody.

Meri also doesn’t appreciate how the sisters constantly compare her to Kody. She feels like they do not appreciate all she does for them. Meri believes her sister’s wives should be grateful for everything she does for them rather than criticise her.

For the first time, Mykelti is on Kody’s side

Mykelti is on Kody’s side for once. In a recent blog post, she shares why she feels it’s unfair for Meri to be upset at Kody. She writes, “Meri was wedded to my brother before I was, and I understand how much she loved him. It would have been hard for her if anything had happened to him. So, I get why she might be upset with Koda.”

Even though Mykelti is on Kody’s side, she doesn’t condone what he did. “I don’t think what he did was proper, and I’m not happy that he did it,” she writes. “He was under pressure from us and didn’t have a choice.”

Mykelti hopes these updates will help bring some understanding between the sisters- wives of Kody Calhoun.

Who is Mykelti?

Mykelti is a sister-in-law of Kody. Kody has three wives, and Mykelti is the wife of Meri’s husband. Meri feels it is unfair for her to be upset at Kody when he spends so much time with his other wives. Mykelti says she loves her husband very much and wants him to spend time with her as well.