Should Small Businesses Hire Video Translators for YouTube Marketing?

In the digital world, video marketing is the real deal accounting for more than 80% of the world’s internet traffic. YouTube is a powerful video content platform that allows you to speak and promote your offerings to millions of people worldwide. But the big question is, is your YouTube content optimized for an international audience?

The truth is, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and its popularity increases by the day. So what if your prospective audience is across various countries? You end up alienating many people if you do not translate your videos which also means missing out on untapped revenue.

Here is why small businesses should consider video translation services for YouTube marketing.

Automated captions aren’t always accurate

Businesses should hire video translators for video marketing because auto-captions generated by Google are not always accurate, which can harm a brand’s reputation. That means translating YouTube videos is more than generating subtitles in different languages.

Moreover, automatic captions perform poorly in organic search because they lack appropriate indexing. By using professional video translating services and not auto-translate, businesses can avoid Google penalties for using duplicate content.

It improves SEO rankings

Multilingual captions have SEO benefits, especially if the meta description and content for landing pages are in the translated language. A professional YouTube video translation service comes in handy to help business owners optimize additional web pages for every language they incorporate to expand their content.

As a result, their YouTube videos show up in more organic searches. There is also more to it- customer experience improves because users can find the translated content quickly hence fewer site bounces and more satisfied clients.

It boosts audience reach

According to research, you are locking out 60% of your audience by using English only in your videos. You may have noticed that non-English channels have increased on YouTube recently, indicating that non-English speakers also consume YouTube content. Therefore, failing to translate video content on YouTube denies small business owners the chance to engage with foreign audiences reducing their audience size significantly.

For instance, many martial arts enthusiasts don’t speak Korean, but they watch and share Korean martial movies thanks to audio transcription. The more languages brands have integrated into their YouTube videos, the wider the audience they can reach and the more shares they can get. The more people share the content in multiple languages, the more visible a brand is.

It makes content more relatable to different audiences

While English is one of the most widespread languages globally, it is a second language for billions of people. In other words, the language in which you generate your YouTube video content for marketing is not the native language of a good part of your audience.

Dubbing and transcription are ways to recognize non-English consumers of your content. It is like saying, ‘we value your contribution’ or ‘we notice you.’ Customers are likely to remain loyal to a brand and share their videos if they feel it values them.

It gives a competitive edge

The digital marketing sector is very competitive because it is affordable and efficient. One of the ways for a small business to stand out is to translate their videos so that they have marketing content that breaks all the linguistic barriers. The average small business does not give much thought to numerous language support when posting YouTube videos which can alienate many potential customers.

By translating videos into different languages, a brand can tap into a market that competitors have not even thought about. According to a study, 72% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service in their native language.

It enhances accessibility

Many people watch YouTube videos with closed captions while in sound-sensitive environments such as offices or public places. Small businesses should consider that a part of their audience is hard of hearing, especially those over 65years of age and even deaf spectators. Therefore high-quality transcription services are critical for getting the message across and increasing accessibility to their YouTube content.


Yes, small businesses should hire video translators for YouTube marketing. It ensures worldwide coverage of the business, better SEO, and consistent quality translation across all languages.