‘Seems like she Is 19’: Uproar Following Biden’s Opinions about Woman at Virginia Army base

Days laterafter three more girls accused him of improper contact, Biden published a video where he promised to”be mindful and respectful of people’s private space.” The woman in question, that seemed to be basic school era, had united her parents and two brothers around the podium while her mum introduced the president in Joint Base Langley-Eustis at Hampton, Virginia.


Other responses were more succinct. “This will be his very last straw,” conservative podcast bunch and Spectator USA contributor Stephen Miller captioned a picture of Kathy Bates carrying a sledgehammer into James Caan’s legs at the film”Misery.” “We are not likely to visit him [Biden] for the subsequent two months”


At simplicity, Joe.

Biden’s bizarre apart was tweeted and noted from The Post Millennial, causing a commotion on Twitter. Throughout his period as presidentBiden became infamous for becoming too close to girls for relaxation. Throughout Ash Carter’s swearing-in service as defense secretary at 2015, Biden stood behind Carter’s spouse Stephanie, held her by her buttocks and sometimes whispered in her ear. Before this season, Biden whispered into the then-13-year-old daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) “That is fairly *&^%! Ed upward,” tweeted longtime Republican adviser Nathan Wurtzel, who joked at a following tweet:”I guess this explains the Lincoln Project support” Biden’s 2020 presidential effort was almost ended before it started after in March 2019, former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores maintained the then-vice president caught her by the shoulders and kissed her hair through a vegas campaign event in 2014. President Joe Biden raised eyebrows — along with a couple of alerts — Friday when he complimented a small woman on her look during remarks in a Virginia military base. Biden has a long history of embarrassing experiences with women and young ladies. In Februaryhe told an Arizona nurse in a video conference she seemed”just like a professional” in school.”I tell you everything, look at her, she seems like she is 19 years old, sitting there like a small woman with her legs crossed.”