Secret ‘Magic’ Changes Lex Luthor’s Relationship With Superman

Lex Luthor has served as Superman’s biggest adversary for almost as long as he has existed. The reason why a man has consistently gotten the closest to defeating the Man of Steel more than may reveal anybody else in New Super-Man #18.

Clark has a lot of adversaries both on Earth and in the farthest reaches of space since he is the greatest protector in the DC Universe. One villain, however, has dedicated his life to fully destroying the Big Blue Boy Scout, in contrast to all the Darkseid’s, Doomsdays, and Mongols. Lex Luthor has done all in his power to attempt and kill Superman or, at the least, discredit him as the greatest savior of the planet ever since he first appeared on the scene. Unlike most of the other villains in Superman’s rogues gallery, Lex lacks powers. However, thanks to his intelligence and inventiveness, he manages to get by.

But there might be a reason why Lex’s brilliance enables him to compete with an opponent as strong as Superman. Kong Kenan has been trick and unintentionally assist in opening a doorway to a realm of demigods in New Super-Man #18 by Gene Luen Yang and Brent Peeples. Powerful deities are wandering the Earth to wipe out humanity to start over from scratch now that a portal to the realm has opened.

On Lex Luthor’s property, Superman and Lex Luthor are imprisoned by a mystical force field, and Clark is powerless to destroy it. Lex summons his most recent set of armor in protest of being imprison. In spite of Lex Luthor’s claim that it is all him and his brain, Robinbot, the Bat-Man of China’s helper, is amazed by Lex’s ability to build a suit and insists on adding “magic” to Lex’s skills.

Some Lex and Superman-related details would be explain by magic.

Lex Luthor doesn’t match the traditional description of a magic enemy, but Superman faces enough of them. That more closely resembles the traits of bad guys like Mister Mxyzptlk or Silver Banshee. But it’s important to keep in mind that magic, along with kryptonite and red solar rays, is one of the few things that Superman is particularly susceptible to. Even though Lex doesn’t use conventional enchantments, his technology is so far ahead of magic that it is almost hard to tell them apart.

Comic books have frequently addressed the idea that science is just a more developed version of magic. Indeed, this is typically more of a Marvel concept than a DC Comics one, but it’s a useful contrast when examining the relationship between Superman and Lex Luthor. Lex has risen to the top of Clark’s list of adversaries despite all of Superman’s abilities, surpassing formidable villains like General Zod or Brainiac. It’s a little difficult to imagine that a genius, especially one as remarkable as Luthor, could pull off such a feat. But if Lex Luthor used “advanced magic,” it makes likely that he would have become such a well-known menace by taking advantage of Superman’s vulnerability.