Suppose you are also a true nature lover who wants to spend most of their time around nature and its unique creation. In that case, we have an amazing creation of nature for you in such hard times of pandemics that can change your boring quarantine into a very fun routine. These surprising elements for you are the sola wood flowers. If you don’t know what these are, let us quickly introduce these flowers.


What are sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are also known as shola, and the plant is called Aeschynomene Aspera. These flowers are eco-friendly friendly flowers that are not real flowers; instead, these are a sustainable alternative to cut flowers. These plants are obtained from marshy plants in plants that have renewable wood. Not only this, but it also grows very quickly because of its renewable property and as being one of the lightest known woods. It has been misunderstood that these are obtained from tapioca or cassava plants for a very long time, which is not true. The most exciting thing about these flowers is that they have natural flowers resemblance and can last a lifetime very easily.

These plants have a layer of bark that covers their internal part very efficiently, and the center part of this plant is called Cream. While making the most flowers, it has been seen that the bark is stripped, and the center part of these flowers is rolled into a thin sheet. These flowers are made through hand-cut in these sheets, and that is how these sola wood flowers come in the form.



How are sola flowers made? 

As we have already shared the source with you that from where these flowers were obtained from. Wondering how these flowers are crafted into this timeless beauty? These flowers are exclusively made by hands, not from any machine, making them unique. The petals of these flowers are made hand-cut by using the delicate sheets of wooden sola wood flowers. The main reason for the beauty of these flowers is the artisanal process that made them so unique and can’t be mechanized.


Just how Long Does Scents Last Sola Wood Flowers?

Naturally, these flowers don’t have any natural scent with them, but you can try any scent on them of your choice, such as rose scent, essential oils even and what flowers you like the most. The essential oil scents usually last about 3-6 months on these sola wood flowers if kept in an open area. But some of the reports have also claimed that these scents can last up to years.


Are sola wood flowers worth it?

Yes, these are worth it; the thing that makes them highly lovable among many customers is their long durability, budget-friendly price, and the natural look they bought in your presence; that is what makes these sola wood flowers extremely worthwhile it.



There is not one but thousands of reasons to buy these flowers, and the rest can be explored by your creative side too. So stop wasting time and order your set of sola wood flowers today and enjoy these unique creations of nature.