Rolling Storage: 5 Clever Ways to Use Carts on Wheels

When you think of rolling storage, you might picture the teacher with a music or art cart moving from classroom to classroom or a worker filling a grocery order at your local store. After the invention of the wheel in the 4th century B.C., carts with wheels on them have been used to make life easier for humans ever since. 

With the ability to add castors (brackets with a wheel) to almost any flat surface, rolling storage bins have many shapes and sizes. Instead of carrying boxes full of heavy equipment daily, or juggling many small containers filled with paint and brushes, all of your needs can be met with one rolling storage cabinet. 

Continue reading for five ways you can put a rolling storage cart to use in your home or work. 

  1. Cleaning Supplies

Having all your cleaning supplies at hand as you go from room to room can help make the job run smooth. Instead of making multiple trips to fetch supplies or having to grab one item that you forgot, they are all at hand. 

A multi-tiered cart can separate your cleaning supplies needed for specific tasks, like those to clean an oven or toilet, as well as those with multiple uses like mirror and glass cleaner. 

Another basket on your cart will hold sponges, gloves, and wipes. Rolling it into a closet or room that locks when finished helps keep the products away from children or animals. 

  1. Restocking Essentials

Having all the stock in one place will be a time saver when you are restocking your home or office after a busy week. 

For your bathroom, consider keeping clean towels, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and garbage liners all in one place. Put a family member in charge of that cart to ensure it’s always stocked and ready to go. 

For your office, have pens, paperclips, computer paper, sticky notes, folders, and highlighters at the ready in a rolling storage cart with drawers to keep the smaller items separate. 

  1. Extra Garage Storage

If you enjoy DIY projects, making a custom cart for your garage storage could be your thing. Add these casters and wheels to the bottom of your finished piece, and you are ready to stack bins with decorations, tools, and other items for easy transport.

  1. Play Dates

Whether preparing for kids or an adult play date, use a rolling cart to store items for easy accessibility. 

Stock your children’s cart with board games, puzzles, and art supplies. If you are having a sleepover, keep drinks, snacks, and movie choices all in one area.

For a girl’s night in, store your nail polish, face masks and drink mixes, then pass it around. 

  1. Outdoor Supplies

To help maintain your yard, keep all your tools in one place. A tool tower that rolls with you will save more time than storing all the instruments on your wall or in a shed. 

Rolling storage with shelves is an excellent way to move fertiliser, grass seed, and plants. 

Rolling Storage Is a Must

With the many uses of rolling storage, you are probably wondering why you don’t already own one. These are just a few of the ways you can start implementing time and space-saving ideas into your life. Choose your favourite and get started today.

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