Revive Culture and Tradition with Stunning Gold Nath Designs for Brides

Bridal jewellery almost always reflects Indian culture, with brides choosing to go for stately and traditional pieces. And as traditional as the event itself is, the bride’s styling needs to be equally inspired by tradition and culture to suit the purpose and importance of the day. And, while there are many pieces and styles that help to achieve this, one piece of jewellery that has maintained its importance in the bridal jewellery collection is the gold nath design. Changing across multiple regions in India, the importance and purpose of the piece remain the same even if the design changes as per the region.

So, if you want to explore different kinds of gold nath designs on your wedding day, here are a few to choose from:

  1. Classic Large Round Gold Naths

Classic gold nath designs involve a large round ring set in gold and come with mainly pearl embellishments. These can also be fully in gold, with the chain connecting the nath to the part fixed in the hair being designed with intricate gold detailing. This is one of the most exquisite styles that is made almost entirely in gold.

  1. Gold Naths with Coloured Stones and Embellishments

If you are bored of the all-gold designs, then a gold nath design with colourful additions, such as colourful stone embellishments, can just be the piece for you! Match the coloured section to your bridal outfit, and watch it bring your look together in the most fluid manner possible!

  1. Simple, minimalistic Naths

A simple, minimalistic nath is another gold nath design that is made entirely in gold. However, unlike the classic designs, these have minimal embellishments or designs atop the gold round nath. This makes these one of the easiest designs to customise, and the minimalistic design you choose can help you make it a piece of personalised gold or diamond jewellery.

  1. Stone-embellished Heavy Gold Naths

Stone-embellished jewellery is one of the most preferred designs by Indian brides, and naths are no exception. With Kundan or polki designs on top of a gold base, these gold nath designs can look exquisite while incorporating different elements of Indian tradition and culture in the design. This also makes it suitable with many different outfits, especially if the embellishments do not have any colour and are clear or in different shades of white.

  1. Maharashtrian Naths

One popular style of gold naths that is different from the traditional round naths is the Maharashtrian gold nath design. Unlike the traditional design, these naths are longer and sit close to the nostril, unlike the traditional round designs. Worn mainly in Maharashtra, this can be the preferred option for brides who do not want to go overboard with their look and prefer having a simple but equally stunning appearance.

With so many options, your wedding attire is bound to suit your personality and preferences the most. So, choose one gold nath design from these and get ready to shine on your special day!