Reaching Patients in New Ways and Results With New Heights at Dr. Joshua Ghiam Aesthetic Dentistry

It hasn’t been long since Dr. Joshua Ghiam opened the doors to his new office in Beverly Hills, and as you can imagine, when opening a new location for a business, reaching people might start off a bit rocky. However, given the location, the worth in cosmetic dentistry had a higher chance of getting noticed sooner rather than later. 

Cosmetic Dentistry is a way to enhance your smile, and because of the modern age of dentistry, people are naturally retaining their teeth longer. The thing is, though, there are more than 50 dentists in the Beverly Hills area alone. Although he’d already built a well-establish practice, Dr. Ghiam knew he was stepping into the next level claiming his space on Rodeo Drive. One thing that would set Dr. Ghiam out in front is that he knew that he had something worthwhile to share with his patients.

Overcoming Challenges Through Determination

Over the last ten years, porcelain veneers have grown in popularity due to the efficiency of simply being able to cover up tooth discoloration, gaps in the teeth, or even breaks. While the concept of the veneer is to cover up imperfections, it’s a specialty that does take practice and a detail-oriented eye. 

People often associate porcelain veneers with the look of chiclet gum and that often deters people from seeking out more information about the method. Dr. Ghiam specializes in custom designing them and he does this by his own hand and with help from his highly skilled team of expert ceramists. 

Helping patients to overcome their fear of “fake-looking” teeth became a staple of his practice, and it’s one of the top things that he’s known for. Keep in mind that veneers are often hard to fix if a patient is unhappy with them, and in severe cases, they are irreversible. This has put great emphasis on the importance of seeking out high-quality, featured, expert help. 

Because of this, patients fly overseas to see Dr. Ghiam and get an appointment meant to provide them with porcelain veneers that actually fit their facial features and don’t just look as though they have caps on their teeth. 

Reaching Patients Through Social Media

Overcoming the challenge of proving to patients that porcelain veneers can act as a replication of their real teeth led to the journey of sharing these cases with the public. Through the support of prior, current, and prospective patients, a need for a social media presence arose. Through honesty and a natural desire to get as close to what his patients want if not hitting the mark completely head-on, Dr. Ghiam developed a support system of raving fans and happy clients. This support system was made up of those that have enjoyed his work or that want to experience it for themselves. 

One good review after another, along with referrals, eventually led to even more of a following on social media. Instagram is the outlet that Dr. Ghiam has found the most popularity with thus far, with his nearly 150,000 followers. This growing online presence gave him a reliable way to give his audience an inside look at what his practice is working on

Dr.Ghiam’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Dr.Ghiam’s actions alone are all that many patients have needed to go off of. Instead of just words on a screen or credentials on a piece of paper, he showcases his experience through down-to-earth, comical, and enjoyable social media content. The goal that he was going for wasn’t just to show off his unmatched dentistry skills, it was to relate to his patients and those that follow his work, on another level.