Preacher Mafioso The Afrobeat king Grabbing the limelight

Having grown up and spent most of his life in Lagos Nigeria, the Recording Academy Voting Member, Collins Osayande Ero, the world has come to be known as Preachermafioso‌ Shifted to the United States in 2013, at 27.

Preachermafioso is, undoubtedly, one of the booming African artists in the music industry with his signature AfroVogue sound. Even if he didn’t gain global dominance yet like the Wizkid, Davido, Olamide or Burna Boy, the acclaimed AfroVogue artist, (a self-proposed genre

that rooted from hip-hop, Afro music, and  Motown, comprising soulful,

laid-back flex) Preachermafioso hands down sets uniqueness from the pack, with his lyrical, artistic and aesthetic Style.

Diehard fans will say the best way to understand his artistic identity is by looking at his major influences. In a sentence, Preachermafioso is Jay Z meets Fela, Bone Thugs, and a healthy dose of Tracy Chapman, quite a captivating mix, described why he should be considered likely.

He has somehow managed to brilliantly fuse the artistic cadence of some music icons to craft his art, the example of which can be seen in his album; XRIX n YOSO, which was named after his late twin Chris (Xrix) and himself Yoso respectively.

Given the present digital music landscape, the odds are stacked high against an independent artist. It is no secret that the multi-layered landscape is thickly muddied with blurred road maps and models for indie artists. They are further coupled with the ever-booming scrupulous internet play-listers, Payolas, and cowboys parading as supporters stalking to prey, fraud creatives and musicians, at every slight opportunity that presents itself.

For the AfroVogue artist, his personal drive upon moving to the US was to become the earliest US-based African/Nigerian/African artist to change history and accomplish a goal no artist has been able to achieve.

With the latest management deal, that he confirmed with a Los Angeles CA-based music and sports management firm named Entourage LLC, along with the follow-up record to XRIX n YOSO, “BROKEN WINGS”, on the way, Preachermafioso is however ready to explore and exhibit his art in the global arena with a goal to thrill the world with his special AfroVogue sound that has never been heard before! Who knows he will influence a whole new generation while doing so.