Porcelain Veneers: 3 Things You Didn’t Know From Gorgeous Smiles Owner Dr. Minoo Ghamari

When you’re unhappy with your appearance, a common instinct is to fix it as quickly and easily as possible. And in some cases, such as getting a haircut, that will do the job.

But your teeth are a rare permanent aspect of your appearance that requires delicate care and consideration. Fast, cheap changes could leave you with permanent problems, making them harder to resolve in the future.

That’s why leading Melbourne cosmetic dentist Dr. Minoo Ghamari is revealing more than ever about her area of expertise, veneers. Because, despite popular belief, veneers are not just one way to enhance your smile. They actually refer to a few techniques, and understanding the differences could help you get the most out of your aesthetic treatment.

Here are Dr. Ghamari’s top three facts you may not have known about porcelain veneers:

1. Porcelain v composite

Think you know veneers? Think again. Dr. Ghamari’s clinic, ‘Gorgeous Smiles’ in Melbourne, offers two main types: porcelain and composite. She believes consultations before treatment are essential to ensure the patient gets the right veneers for them.

If you were wondering, porcelain veneers are a more long-term solution with durability on the tooth surface for up to 12 years. That compares with the seven-year lifespan of composite veneers. The difference is surprising when you throw in the fact that no drilling is required for their porcelain counterparts.

Dr. Ghamari acknowledges the additional price tag to make your veneers porcelain. So for patients who are on a budget—and want to see an improvement more quickly—composite veneers could be a more than adequate solution.

2. They only fit you

Dr. Ghamari and other reputable cosmetic dentists aim to ensure a natural-looking smile above all else. You might have found the most glamorous shells imaginable, but if they don’t look like yours, then the purpose is lost.

A critical part of Gorgeous Smiles’ process is digital scanning and 3D printing technology. It allows the dentist to get a clearer picture of the ideal treatment and gives you the final say on what your new smile looks like!

You might think that preparation is only needed to determine the shape of your veneers. But getting the color right, too, could be the difference between a convincing and artificial-looking smile.

3. Aftercare is key

We mentioned earlier that porcelain veneers could last up to 12 years. But what we didn’t say is that you play a crucial role in whether they endure for a decade or even more.

Don’t forget to regularly clean and floss your teeth in order to take care of your veneers, advised Dr. Ghamari. To avoid injury, it’s crucial to stay away from meals that are hard and crunchy. Your veneers could last for many years if you take good care of them!

Hopefully, now the true potential of porcelain veneers is clear. Yes, they could transform your smile following an accident or years of low confidence. But, if you commit to the preparation, consultation, and aftercare with the right cosmetic dentist, they could boost your self-image for a decade or more.

Disclaimer: every treatment has risks. This treatment might not be appropriate for your oral environment. Before we can say with certainty whether you are a good candidate for such procedures, you must have a thorough consultation with a dental specialist who is licenced in Australia.

Results vary from person to person.

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