Point of Care CNA: How Do You Login to PointClickCare?

Point of Care CNA is a web-based technology solution for the CNA profession. It offers nutrition and medication management and integrates with NetSolutions’ EHR. Its CRM-like interface makes the process simple and fast.

Web Application for CNAs

Point of Care CNA is a web application for CNAs that provides a secure and faster way to gather critical patient information. It helps you maintain patient information, document vital health information, and manage medication. This technology saves time and improves communication with patients.

Intuitive User Interface

The software features an intuitive user interface that allows CNAs to access patient information at the touch of a button. The app also features a secure communication channel between patients and providers. This application can help improve overall efficiency in the workplace by eliminating paperwork issues.

ECourses Containing Simulations

How to Create a Valuable eCourse: A Step-by-Step Guide - Sensei LMS

The system includes 450+ eCourses containing simulations, videos, and interactive hands-on learning. It also features performance support tools such as avatars and animations. It also offers Virtual Instructor-Led Training Sessions led by PointClickCare subject matter experts. The eCourses can be tailored to specific roles or settings.

NetSolutions Point of Care Application

NetSolutions’ Point of Care application allows clinicians to collect and store data related to resident care. It supports a comprehensive set of patient-specific features, including a user-defined button for “Signs of Pain” and “Complete Care Plan.” Besides being easy to use, Point of Care also offers advanced reporting capabilities. For instance, users can find out when a resident was last documented and identify missing entries.

RAM & Internet Explorer

NetSolutions POC is designed to be used on Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, and touchscreen kiosks. It requires two GB of RAM and Internet Explorer 10 or higher to run. Admin access is required. The software supports Spanish language, and users can adjust the language settings to ensure that their patients are comfortable with it.

Cloud-Based Health IT Solution

Benefits of Cloud-Based Health Information Management Systems

Point of Care CNA is a cloud-based health IT solution that integrates nutrition and medication management, quality management, and regulatory compliance into one integrated system. Its suite of modules also offers real-time task lists and notifications to help care teams prioritize and also track care. Its tools allow health care providers to manage workflow, track patient and also provider demographics and also track and analyze marketing activities. Other benefits include clinical decision support, pre-admission eligibility checks, and insurance review.

Point of Care Solutions

Point of Care CNA cloud-based home health care platform offers a number of modules for home care and skilled nursing facilities. These modules include medication management, financial management, marketing, business intelligence, clinical modules, and also Point of Care solutions.

Healthcare Industry

Point of Care CNA is a cloud-based solution for the healthcare industry, bringing together modules for care delivery, financial management, business intelligence, and also patient nutrition. Its customizable interface provides access to key information such as medication and patient histories, and it also offers secure messaging and reports. Users also have access to risk management and quality and also compliance tools. PointClickCare supports modern healthcare delivery models.

Activities & Communications

The PointClickCare CRM-like interface allows users to track the activities and communications that lead to a positive patient experience. It includes an on-the-go patient assessment tool, task lists, and access management features. The integrated platform helps healthcare providers improve their workflow and also track patient and employee communications. The software also allows staff to collaborate efficiently, ensuring better care for patients.

Cloud-Based Modules

Cloud Scalability and Flexibility Advantages for Business

PointClickCare has a range of cloud-based modules that help healthcare organizations improve patient care and reimbursement accuracy. The platform also includes reporting tools, MDS analytics, and regulatory compliance functionality. These capabilities can help providers track and also optimize workflow, improve medication management, and reduce duplicate data entry. It also helps healthcare organizations manage their patient’s health information and offers HIPAA-compliant text messaging.

PointClickCare works with the MDofficeManager suite of products to automate administrative and clinical processes while promoting greater efficiency and also lower costs. Integration with PointClickCare makes it easy to capture and share patient and user information, including prescription information and demographics in real-time. This provides information to improve patient care and makes it easier to meet CMS’s APM and MIPS program goals.


Point of Care CNA is a web-based, integrated health information management system (HIMS) that lets users manage patient information and create centralized patient health records. They can access the database anytime and from anywhere. They can create care plans and share them with other healthcare providers. Point of Care CNA can also send appointment reminders and track patients’ medical histories. They can even contact patients with a click of a button. These features make Point Of Care CNA a valuable tool for any health care facility.