PG-13 MCU The Captain America movie we wish we had is the one imagined on TikTok

A huge part of the reason Captain America: The MCU’s accessibility to fans of all ages is one of the reasons why The Winter Soldier is one of the most recognizable contemporary superhero movies. One TikTok user decided to take matters into their own hands and make a funny and profanity-filled edit to show viewers what may have been to fight this. The PG-13 MCU has traditionally avoided using foul language and excessive gore to keep its movies PG-13 rated and draw in as many moviegoers as possible.

The Senseless Censor!, a TikTok user, has added some highly suggestive beeps into some already emotive MCU sequences starring Chris Evans’ Captain America to give the shield-wielding, family-friendly superhero and his films their unique creative spin. The carefully edited version of the film also included some amusing outtakes from the two supporting characters, Nick Furry (Samuel L. Jackson) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), as well as a few of their original remarks being bleeped out. View the TikTok video below.

Would Marvel Ever Produce A Captain America R-Rated Film?

The Motion Pictures Association’s (MPA) Classification and Rating Administration has given all three Captain America movies the customary Marvel PG-13 treatment. The MPA cited intense fight scenes, gunplay, and action as grounds for the film’s restricted rating. The Captain America movie is undoubtedly violent, but nothing in it is so graphic that it requires an R rating. This is true even though the Captain America movies have themes like espionage and World War II, which are readily suitable for an R-Rating.

Themes in Captain America are frequently sophisticate and mature, and the films’ main points increasingly get more complex. Although the action sequences can be harsh and intense, they don’t have the bloody Deadpool-style violence required for an R-Rating. Marvel would need to add more blood or up the sexual tension to get an R-rated Captain America movie. They might also follow The Senseless Censorexample !’s and use coarse language.

In the end, it appears that the choice not to get them R-rated was confirmed by the success of the Captain America series. The MCU films tend to take a serious and adult tone, which is crucial to their success. Deadpool has had great success by adopting a gory, profane persona, but it is exclusive to the character’s mythology. It doesn’t imply that it must serve as the benchmark for all MCU initiatives.

Accessibility is crucial, and fans of comic books of all ages adore Captain America. From lighthearted comedies to Deadpool, Marvel has maintained a strong balance throughout its numerous programs and movies. One of the apparent benefits of the films and the MCU’s overall success is that Captain America occupies a center ground.