Indian students at Jamia and JNU are following the blocking of BBC Modi documentary screenings

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has consistently denied playing a part in the violence in Gujarat in 2002. Due to the broadcast of a BBC documentary about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his involvement in deadly religious riots in 2002, tensions have erupted at two of India’s most prestigious institutions. According to reports, police detained students […]

Tiverton firm producing more parachute fabric for Mars

A company in Devon is designing a new fabric for a parachute to land on Mars. Heathcoat Fabrics in Tiverton firm is collaborating with NASA again after successfully developing the parachute material to transport a rover to Mars in 2021. Due to the size of the vehicle it is delivering, the current cloth must be […]

What is TweakVIP? | Pros, Cons, Features, Working

TweakVIP is an excellent resource for computer users who want to modify their machines. The website is simple to use and has a wide range of options, making it an excellent alternative for anyone looking to customize their PC. What is TweakVIP? TweakVIP is a website that provides mods for your Android handset. Mods are modified versions […]

Robyn & Juan Dixon Will Get wedded In RHOP Season 7 Finale

Robyn and Juan Dixon are officially wedded for the second time, and The Real Housewives of Potomac season 7 ending will reveal the ceremony. Robyn and Juan’s marital status has been discusse since RHOP‘s inception. The RHOP OG has taken dirty digs from the other housewives regarding her relationship with her ex-husband-turned-fiancé Juan. Robyn and Juan met […]

Half Moon Bay: Another mass shooting in California has resulted in the arrest of a suspect

The US state of California is reeling from its second abundance shooting days after a man shot seven deadly former co-workers south of San Francisco. The attacks occurred in the coastal town of Half Moon Bay. All of the victims were Chinese-American farm labourers. Suspect Zhao Chunli, 67, was capture after driving to a police […]

John Wick 4’s Lost Adjudicator Is A Bigger Franchise Problem

It’s been a few weeks since John Wick 4 was released, and, as usual, one of the biggest talking points has been its ad-judicator, J.B. Dix. While many people have criticizedcriticized the lack of diversity in Hollywood casting, J.B. Dix’s role in the movie feels like an even bigger problem. Dix is the only black […]

Top Gun 3 would need to overcome the “threequel curse” of the 1980s

Top Gun 3 must overcome a three-quel curse frequently present in series with roots in the 1980s. It is unverified but extremely likely. Top Gun 3, the unavoidable follow-up to Top Gun: Maverick, will have to avoid a particular curse that frequently befalls threequels to 1980s films. The 1986 release of Top Gun was follow by more than […]

Doctor Who Reveals the REAL Cause the TARDIS Doesn’t Have Weapons

For as long as Doctor Who fans have been discussing the TARDIS‘ lack of weapons, there has been one prevailing theory: The Doctor doesn’t want to hurt. But a new documentary called Time Quest sheds some light on another possible reason: the Doctor is afraid of the future. Time Quest follows the production of a Doctor […]

Bryan Cranston Why One Key Breaking Bad Scene Was Tough to film

Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaim and famous TV shows of all time. And, as any fan of the show would know, one of its key scenes was incredibly difficult to film: Walter White’s climactic showdown with meth kingpin Gus Fring. Why was it so tough to film? Because for Cranston, it […]

A Tanzanian was killed in Ukraine, and we warned him against going

Rodia Sambulika (L) and Rehema Kigobe, Nemes Tarimo’s relatives, wait for word that his body has returned. Nemes Tarimo, 33, had a strong reason for joining the Russian troops in Ukraine, despite the advice of his family in Tanzania. It had been three weeks since his family members receive the information that verified their darkest […]