MCU Character a Better Soldier Than Captain America declared by Marvel

In the comics, a soon-to-be major MCU character was display to be a better soldier than Captain America. As seen in 2012’s Avengers vs. X-Men, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross just became a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes due to his status as the Red Hulk, having been prepare by Steve Rogers himself. 

However, the war with the X-Men sees Ross tussling with his position on the team, using his other talents & military experience to do what others won’t (including Captain America).

In 2012’s Avengers #28 from Brian Michael Bendis & Walter Simonson, Ross appraises his role in the Avengers beyond his capacity to become a Hulk. While that’s definitely the biggest thing he brings to the team, Thunderbolt notes that he has as much military experience as Captain America, if not more.

Given the Avengers’ ongoing conflict with the X-Men and the threat of the strong Phoenix Five at this period, Red Hulk believes that there are things he can do as a soldier that Captain America, despite his military history, just cannot.

In Marvel Comics, Red Hulk outranks Captain America.

Given that Ross is a general and Rogers is just a captain, it seems that Red Hulk would have more military experience than Captain America, especially given how much time Steve spent on the ice.

Similarly, the Red Hulk is considerably colder and more tactically mind, coming to the unspoken agreement with Cap that assassinating Cyclops would be the best course of action, killing a crucial mutant leader while simultaneously murdering one of the Phoenix Five.

While Ross fails to kill Scott Summers’ Cyclops, the fact that he is prepare to do what Cap would not show that he is a better soldier than Rogers. Captain America is, by all accounts, a hero first and foremost, and there are certain lines he will never cross that Ross has no problem with.

As such, it will be fascinating to see how far his MCU image will go given the recent recasting with Harrison Ford as Ross for Captain America: New World Order and likely Thunderbolts.

Given that Ross is rumore to be the Red Hulk in the MCU, perhaps Marvel fans will soon witness a similar soldier attitude on-screen. Thunderbolt Ross is a dark combination of a soldier and the Hulk who is willing to make difficult decisions that might cause other Avengers to hesitate.

It includes Captain America despite his Super-Soldier status in the Marvel Universe. As such, one could debate that the title is a better fit for the Red Hulk, an idea that will possibly be just as valid when and if Harrison Ford’s Ross similarly converts in the MCU’s near future.