Marko Stout ( American Contemporary Artist)

Marko stout is a multimedia and film artist based out of New York metropolis, first-rate acknowledged for his stimulating narratives of cutting-edge city society, wherein subjects frequently seem in a mild country of misery, crushed via their modern environment at the same time as still keeping a sublime indifferent sexy demeanor of a complicated twenty-first century metropolis dweller. Marko stout reveals frequently encompass his experimental put up-new wave (la nouvelle vague) art movies with emphasis on the elemental origins of modern City vision and movement together with a desire for unconventional narrative structure and for his operating with non-actors.

Marko stout became born turned into born on September 27, 1962 in point great, New Jersey (USA). He graduated from excessive school in brick township, New Jersey and acquired a BA degree in biology from Rowan College and his medical diploma for the big apple college medication. Marko evolved his passion for art and movie at the same time as living aboard a houseboat in a bohemian San Francisco Community. Upon his return to NY City Marko stout hooked up himself as a part of the big apple metropolis’s downtown art scene, drawing suggestion from nearby avenue artists and the metropolis’s several galleries and present day art museums.

Marko stout’s works may be considered at several worldwide exhibitions, galleries of best art, personal collections. Marko stout solo galleries are positioned in NYC, Chicago, SOBE, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Madrid.


Marko stout’s paintings are an immortalization of father glamour; an image of those rare epiphanies vibrant moments while our realities can bleed color and juxtaposition. It stretches beyond encapsulation of aesthetic and extends to a providing of which means and an extension of tradition. The urban landscapes and the individuals who locate rapture in the abstraction of monotony are deftly depicted in the images which violently flip narratives of the human circumstance.

With a modern-day gaze, stout salaciously invitations the viewer to explore the darker, grittier aspects of sexuality even as alluding to the paradigm-moving mesmerism which may be observed in case you allow your imaginative and prescient to fall into the splendor of exploration, expression and erotica.

Accolades may also nonetheless fall around Warhol because the artwork pop enthusiasts hang to the nostalgia of his influence, yet, stout’s exhumation of carnality Holds a mirror to the disparity which lingers between real choice, and the filtered stories we fake to crave. With cathartic honesty, the actual global is placed before you, polished with a cinematic infusion of rock candescence. Void of smoke and mirrors, the artwork lustrously blinks with resonant realism, pulling you from the comfort of archaic pop art right into a modern-day realm of unfiltered ardor.

Mark stout artwork sits on the top of the innovative hierarchy and appears not possible to be dethroned. Marko stout invites the audience to explore the darker, grittier elements of sexuality with a contemporary gaze, hinting to the paradigm shifting mesmerism that may be found if you allow your vision to fall into the beauty of investigation,

Expression and erotica. The steeply-priced pleasant art marketplace has been in a stoop with many New York galleries ultimate their Doors over the past decade. In reality, a 2018 article within the NY times stated the “big apple art gallery scene is lifeless as we are aware of it… however one artist has been proving that the New York market is a ways from useless. The big apple artist Marko stout, whom many are calling the following Andy Warhol, has pronounced big income at his ultimate couple solo NY gallery shows.”

Celeb lovers and collectors of Marko stout encompass: boy George, Debra messing (will & grace), the Kardashians, Rupaul, Charlie Sheen, Snooki, Leslie Jordan, Smokey Robinson, Cheryl Tiegs and many others!