In 2008, a search engine was introduced named Kickass torrents. This site is also known as KAT. Users can conveniently install copyright videos and software free of cost. The main purpose of KAT enables users to give a clear and friendly interface. Torrent search becomes very convenient, quick, and managed due to this site. The creators of kickass did their best to maintain a high standard for this site. The KAT enables users to install copyrighted files and videos for free.   KAT is mainly the biggest torrents site in the world. KAT has a remarkable group of multimedia things. The available stuff contains software and games to videos and music. The site is not legalized every time. The site was firstly banned by the High Court of the UK. After that, many domain names were banned or removed from the GOOGLE search. Due to major copyright problems, the Government of the United States of America blocked the site in 2016. Gradually after that it goes offline.

Why was it banned?
Why was it banned?

As the site attracts millions of people to it due to its mesmerizing free features. The site enables users to approach and download copyright files easily. So, for this purpose millions of users use this site on a daily basis. But most people start sharing this copyright content. So, the Britain High Court gave orders to ban this site. Later it was blocked from search engines as well. 


In November 2008, Kickass torrents were introduced at in the beginning. The Justice Department of the United States of America opposed Torrent and Demonoid. So, in 2011, KAT launched at Kat. ph a domain of Philippine. After that KAT introduced several distinct domains. It was introduced to a new domain regularly after 24 weeks. KAT was moved to,,,, and domains. In 2016, Kickass torrents introduced a formal Tor (a free-of-cost software that authorizes unknown communication) web. It has a .onion address.

Site’s Category contributor of magnet links,

Link directory

Languages Multilingual site (available in more than 30 languages) basic is English
URL Katcr. co, currently offline
Registration Not necessary
Users More than one million daily
Founded November 2008
Current availability Offline


Blocking and Restrictions:

In February 2018, the High Court of Britain ordered to block kickass torrents. On 28 February Inter-Service Providers blocked the public approach to kickass torrents following the order of the UK High Court. After that MPAA appealed to remove kickass torrents from GOOGLE. So, in June it was removed from the GOOGLE. Later kickass was also banned by Inter-Service Providers of Belgian in August 2013. Kickass was also blocked by many Irish Inter-Service Providers in January 2014, January. After February Twitter also blocked many Kickass links. However, Twitter stopped blocking after some days. In June it was also banned by the Communications and Multimedia Commission of Malaysia. The country was banned for going against copyright rules. 

In December, KAT was introduced in the domain of Somalia. The name of the domain was kickass. so. Then in 2015, KAT was registered as a “banned site” on WHIOS protocol. After that day the site returned to kickass. to its original domain name. Then some days later on 14 users observed that kickass. to was banned again because blocked from steam chat. But other famous kickass websites were not blocked at that time. They were only named as “Potentially malicious”. In April 2015, the KAT was again launched to another domain Isle of Man on 23 with another name. The new name was kickass torrents. im. This site was quickly banned the very next day. And introduced to another domain Costa Rica with the new name kat. cr on 24. In 2015 July, KAT was also removed from this domain as well and deleted from Google. Also in 2016 major domains of kickass were available for sale.


Kickass torrents had wonderful features that attracted millions of people towards it for downloading videos, and games. 

  • Its interface is user-friendly.
  • An easier and quick search of various links.
  • Each link and site are available in a much-organized way. 
  • The site also enables a user with a file-sharing option.

Is the site safe for downloading?

The safety of users is the biggest concern while using it. Torrenting files are secure. But when you use it for downloading games, or video using BitTorrent set up it will be risky. Downloading will be very risky when you have an unsecured internet connection. Few of the KAT sites are messed with PC viruses. Most viruses are covered in ads, torrent files, and click baits, etc. Most of the users are banned from the site and suffer from a denial-of-service attack. Users approach a specific server denied in this scenario. Without getting close to the KAT sites or proxies no one can download any game or video for free.

Is KAT Legal?

 Users are very confused when they are using any torrent site, not only kickass torrent. If a file has no copyright issue in accessing the link, it will remain legal. It will be illegal when users share and begin downloading files that are secured with digital rules. This is the main reason behind the blocking of kickass torrents from different domains. Copyrights file was available all over the KAT and considered as the hotspot of digital plagiarism.


With help of the final words, we are going to conclude the discussion with the final words on the kickass discussion. Kickass torrents are a platform that allows the user to reach magnet links and torrent files easily and quickly. This approaching action is done via BitTorrent protocol. The site is very famous as a resource of free-of-cost software and videos. Many users are unaware of its other wonderful feature that it is also an amazing platform for getting video games. Kickass was a very reputed and popular platform for obtaining digital content through P2P protocol. Many times it was blocked from numerous domains because of safety concerns that it reveals users to spyware and cyber-attacks. Currently, the site is offline.