Kannywood is embroill in a controversy about an actress’ marital status

One gbege shale for the Kannywood wey be northern Nigeria film business follows a few days ago’s declarations by a guy that he is not the wife of the reigning actress Hafsat Ismail Tuge and that he will not grant her a film acting license.

Di actress appears in the Hausa series ‘Amaryar Tik Tok,’ which is currently one of northern Nigeria’s most popular television programs.

Kannywood director Babangida Bangis tells BBC News Pidgin that there is a written law for the feem industry that young married women are not allowed to act feem because it violates Hausa cultural norms.

Young married women are not suppose to act like mothers; married women and older women are the only ones who take on the role of mothers in Kannywood, e tok.

“Even di present young actresses immediately marry na off to dia spouse mansions and bye to acting na so e be,” Bangis adds.

A newlywed woman could work as a producer or in another role, but not as an actress.

What is the source of the controversy?

Businessman Sani Umar Gwarzo claims he received a call from someone claiming that his wife did not attend meetings because he was not keeping an eye on them.

“After getting the call, I followed up to make sure it wasn’t true that my wife had started acting strangely without my knowing.

She apparently said to a friend that my divorce from her would grant her complete freedom to do whatever she pleased, but this was untrue.

She drags me to court and claims she wants a divorce, but because she never pays the money the court demands, the process never ends.

Although the actress insists that her marriage to the man did not end before she joined the Kannywood cast.

She recorded a video saying she would soon learn more about every detail.

Kano censors board react.

Ahmed Bifa, the producer of the Hausa television series “Amaryar Tik Tok,” claims that he decide to place her on the ballot because she had obtain all of the association’s required documents, which indicated that she was eligible to run for office.

Her documents show that she is a registered union member, but she add, “I predict that leadership won’t go register her unless dem confam declares she is not a married lady and has gained family authorization to act as a free woman.”

According to Ismail Afakallah and the Kano State Censorship Board, who oversee the Kannywood film business, dem don’t start torching the mata after receiving complaints about it.

Yes, we receive complaints about this issue, but we haven’t yet begun to address them.

“We don’t send the actress, nor the producer of the film she’s in, to appear before us.”

Censorship in di People in Kano takes matas like that seriously because, according to oga, they must uphold their traditional beliefs and way of life.

Because marriage is so holy to us, it is against our principles and religion for married women to act immorally.