Jensen Ackles in a Cardigan is the ideal thirst trap for fans of The Boys

The latest cardigan-clad thirst trap from Jensen Ackles will appeal to The Boys fans. Ackles joined the cast of Prime Video’s The Boys in season 3 after spending significant time on Supernatural. He portrayed Soldier Boy, an augmented character with Homelander-like superpowers (Antony Starr). In June, the same month season three of The Boys debuted, picked up the show for a fourth season. 

Adam Rose recently used TikTok to give his fans what they wanted: another Ackles thirst trap. Rose previously collaborated with Ackles as Aaron Bass on Supernatural for two episodes. In August, he published a thirst trap with Jensen Ackles wearing a cardigan, and just yesterday, he released the eagerly anticipated sequel. Check out the TikTok videos below:

Will Jensen Ackles Play Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 4?

Will Jensen Ackles Play Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 4?

While fans adore Ackles’ cardigan, they also want to see him return to his Soldier Boy uniform for The Boys season 4. Soldier Boy had an ambiguous ending at the end of Season 3. It has been proven during the season that Soldier Boy has a healing element that makes killing him very challenging. The best The Boys can do is trap him in a gas capsule after he escapes and is captured by The Boys. On the other hand, Soldier Boy is still alive and might be allowed to leave his imprisonment once more.

Prime Video has not formally announced Ackles’ return as Soldier Boy in Season 4 of The Boys. Nevertheless, it has been hint. Posted a picture of Jack Quaid and Karl Urban on The Boys season 4’s set on Urban’s Instagram in August. Fans interpreted Ackles’ cryptic comment, “Pour me a double… I’m on my way,” as a tease of his return. Later, The Boys’ Twitter page post a behind-the-scenes photo of Ackles, who appeare to be working on his Soldier Boy physique, with the caption, “More like Shoulder Boy, innit.”

Soldier Boy may return for The Boys season 4 based on these teases. If he does return, The Boys will most likely be in big trouble. Soldier Boy seeks vengeance on his old team, who betrayed him during WWII by handing him over to the Russians, as seen in Season 3. He might therefore seek retribution on The Boys if released from his capsule because Butcher (Urban) deceived him after hiring him to assassinate Homelander.