In the World of eCommerce Product Photography, Image Background is a Unwanted Element

One thing ecommerce cannot do without. That is product photography. Not just any product photography, it has to be done by commercial product photographers that are best in the field. A high schooler taking pictures of ecommerce products with his iPhone will just not cut it. No matter how advanced the cellphone cameras are these days, product photography for ecommerce sites must be done by product photographers. If you are going to be in the game that is. If you just wanna look at the pictures yourself and enjoy your creative work, then go for it. But if you want to compete in the ecommerce marketplace and sell something, you have to play by the rules of the trade. Image background removal service is one such service that all ecommerce companies must avail to make their product images publish worthy.

Who Offers Image Background Removal Service?

There are wide range of online applications or commonly known as apps for the image background removal. You just load the image on the app and tell it what to do. Some even offers batch image upload to remove the background on the fly for multiple images. These image editing or background removal apps however do not do professional quality jobs. They are OK for average or noncommercial use. They might be OK to remove background for Amazon or eBay product photography. However, they are not ok or substitute for professional clipping path service provider.

It is the professional clipping path service providers or background removal service providers that offers professional quality image background removal service. You might think they would cost a lot to avail such services. In reality, they just cost pennies when you do it in the bulk. Most background removal or clipping path service for simple and low complexity images would cost less than a dollar. Yes, you read it right. Less than a dollar to editing one image file professionally. If you, do it in the bulk that is. If you just have one file to removal the background from, it will cost you different.

How to Find a Reliable Clipping Path Service Provider?

While there are millions of those service providers literally, and I’m not joking either, it is challenging to find a reliable and highly skilled clipping path service provider. Lot of the so-called clipping path companies would say they are the “leading” photo retouching company. In reality, most of them never landed a client and a website based only company.

To partner with a reliable and reputable image editing service provider, you will need to visit the site, see how professional their website scripts are, how are the sample images, etc. If you feel comfortable, you contact the company in question. Try to get a feeling on their communication level. How fast they respond, how is their communication skill, etc. You then test their image editing skills by getting a trial work done. If all checks out, you can place an order with that company.

And if it doesn’t work out at the end, rinse and repeat the process to find a better clipping path company.