Imran Khan Ducks Indictment as IHC ‘Satisfied’ with Apology

The Islamabad High Court has decided not to indict Imran Khan over his apology. The court was satisfied with Imran Khan’s response to the indictment. Imran Khan told the court that he was willing to apologize to Zeba Chaudhry, who he had threatened after Shahbaz Gill’s remand was approved.

Imran Khan’s Apology to Judge Zeba Chaudhry

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He has withdrawn his remarks on the judge and the high court Thursday is likely to dismiss the case. He has said he was sorry and did not mean to threaten the judge. Imran Khan has also said he is ready to visit the judge.

Imran Khan’s political fortunes now rest on the ruling of the IHC. The former prime minister is facing a case involving foreign funding, and his fate rests on whether the court approves of his apology. The IHC will read the charges against Khan on November 6, and the next hearing is scheduled for November 6.

Case Against Imran Khan

The case against Imran Khan was filed last month after the former prime minister made controversial remarks about a female judge in Islamabad during a rally. According to the IHC’s circular, Khan threatened to take legal action against top officials, including the election commission and political opponents, if the court decided to indict him. In addition, Imran Khan also threatened to file a case against a police officer, following his public remarks about the judge.

Senior Police Officials

Imran Khan’s response to the indictment was ‘unsatisfying’, according to a court order. The ruling comes after Khan threatened to file a contempt of court case against senior police officials. Imran Khan’s lawyers wanted to close the matter after Khan’s response.

Show-Cause Order Against Imran Khan

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The court had issued a show-cause order against Imran Khan on August 31 to explain his behaviour before the court. The judge had issued the notice for Imran Khan to submit a revised reply by September 3. The court found that Imran Khan did not make an unconditional apology but only said he had “deep respect” for the court and its proceedings.

The court ruled that the prime minister will face a contempt charge. Imran Khan is accused of threatening the judiciary and police in a speech last month after one of his close aides was denied bail in a sedition case. Imran Khan denied that he made the statement but the court deemed it ‘unsatisfactory’.

Independent High Court of Pakistan

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Despite the allegations of abuse of power, Khan has remained unfazed by the charges. The IHC – the Independent High Court of Pakistan – recorded his statement in court on Thursday and adjourned the case until October 3. He was also seen ducking questions from the media and expressing surprise at the presence of law enforcers. He has also offered to retract his statement if the court deems it inappropriate.

Additional District & Sessions

Imran Khan had earlier threatened the Additional District and Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry and later apologized for his remarks. The IHC, however, had earlier decided that it would not be appropriate to initiate contempt proceedings against the PTI chief. It also noted that Imran Khan had agreed to make an apology to Judge Chaudhry and had not wished to intimidate her or the court.

IHC Debates

Imran Khan’s lawyer praised his client’s performance during the IHC debates. He said Imran had exhibited respect for the court and had remorse in his face and body language. This shows that Imran understood the role of an independent judiciary in a democracy.

Zakat System & Improve Exports

The lawyer of Imran Khan has said that the prime minister has demonstrated his commitment to the country’s citizens by investing in health facilities. He has also pledged to cut government expenses, reduce the size of the prime minister’s office, and eliminate the use of private cars and staff. In addition, Imran Khan has promised not to own a business during his tenure in office. He also promised to strengthen the Zakat system and improve exports.

President of Pakistan

The lawyer also said that the president of Pakistan had shown a willingness to apologize to the judge. He said he would not repeat such a move in the future and that he will not cross any boundary again. He is ready to meet Additional Session Judge Zeba Chaudhry in Karachi. The judge said she would not indict Imran Khan if Imran meets with her.

Supremacy of Law & Judiciary

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The high court was expected to indict Khan after a no-confidence vote in his leadership, which Khan lost. The court had given Khan two chances to convince it by submitting an unconditional apology. But the PTI leader had a different idea. He said that the PTI leader had always stressed on the supremacy of the law and the judiciary. This stance is likely to go in his favor, said Faisal Javed Khan.

Final Thoughts:

The PTI leader also expressed his confidence in the independence and courage of the judiciary. He also made an assurance not to make controversial comments against the judiciary. It is noteworthy that Imran understood the role of the judiciary in a democracy.