iFun Screen Recorder: The Best Free Screen Recorder for PC

During the lockdown period when schools and colleges were closed, teachers, educators, and professors had to take online classes, and for this purpose, they needed a full screen recorder for a PC or laptop. Although there are many free screen recorders, the full screen recorder tool is the most effective and easy free screen recorder to record. Other free online tools have some limits for screen recording. The desktop version of iFun Screen Recorder helps you record without time limitations or any other limitations.


Key Features of iFun Screen Recorder


  1. Ability to select any area and record screen: –

    Using the iFun Screen Recorder software tool, you can choose any region that needs to be recorded. The device also works with a multi-display monitor. It can record audio and webcam with screen capture.


  1. Take a screenshot when recording a screen: –

    Suppose we take a screenshot of a screen when we make a video. We can do this easily using the iFun Screen Recorder tool.


  1. Built-in video editing tools: –

    Once the screen recording process is complete and we have stopped screen recording, we can edit the video directly using the built-in video editing tools available in the iFun Screen Recorder software.


  1. Quick and efficient: –

    If we consider CPU usage and memory allocation, it is lighter than any other screen recording software. It used only 10% of the CPU usage and therefore has zero logs on the laptop or desktop where it is installed.


  1. Secure and Software: –

    The software does not contain any viruses or malware that could harm the performance of our device. It is safe to install iFun Screen Recorder on PC or laptop.

If you do not want to download a screen recorder, IObit also provides free online screen recorder


How to record screen on Windows 10?


iFun Screen Recorder: The Best Free Screen Recorder for PC

a). If you want to know How to record screen on Windows 10, please download the software from the official site of iFun Screen Recorder.


  1. b) Install iFun Screen Recorder software by running a setup file on Windows computer or PC.


  1. c) Then click on the positive responses that appear on the screen as yes, next, I agree, continue and finish.


d). After the installation is complete, you can launch the app by double-clicking on the desktop icon of the iFun Screen Recorder icon.


Benefits of using iFun Screen Recorder


  1. Support a variety of file formats: We can choose any file format according to our need and requirement. iFun Screen Recorder software supports multiple file formats for video file format conversion.


  1. No ads or watermarks: – Unlike other screen recorder software with a lot of ads and leaf watermarks, this tool has no such limitations.


In short, we can say that iFun Screen Recorder can be an ideal tool for online teachers, tutors, or professors who take online classes. This tool can be used without any technical knowledge as it is easy to use for every one with simple UI.