How to Make a Discard Deck in Marvel SNAP

Discard decks in Marvel Snap can be difficult to create because many cards with discard effects have a randomness to them, which sometimes makes synergy challenging.

However, as players acquire more cards with discard powers throughout the three main collection Pools, certain strategies should be employed in order to create the ideal combination of unique characters.

There are many core methods to apply when developing this deck archetype, whether the player wants to discard an anchor like Apocalypse as often as possible or have powerful cards in hand to bring back after discards utilizing Ghost Rider or Hela.

Morbius and Swarm are important Pool 2 cards in Marvel Snap that players should always have in their discard deck.

The vampiric doctor starts with only 2 Energy and 0 Power until he earns +2 Power for every card discarded, a feature that applies whether the card is at a Location or in the deck/hand.

The 2 Energy 3 Power Swarm also benefits from discarded cards, as it makes two 0 Energy cost versions of itself if players trash it. These cards are useful in any discard deck since their effects boost any discard approach.

Best Marvel Snap Cards for Creating a Discard Deck

When constructing a discard deck, the most crucial element for players to consider is which cards they want to discard.

Marvel’s Apocalypse Snap is still a popular anchor for this archetype, as their 6 Energy 8 Power variant gains +4 Power via a regeneration that returns the card to the player’s hand.

Players can choose to discard this card repeatedly, but they must first select the cards that do the discarding. In early Pools, Sword Master and Blade are popular choices, but because they randomly discard a card from the player’s hand, their success is highly dependent on luck.

Assume the players choose Hela, a 6 Energy 6 Power anchor. In that situation, they can include other high Power cards in their deck to discard them, as Hela’s ability, when played, returns every discarded card to random Locations. Strong combinations occur with Hela in Marvel Snap, Hulk, or other high Energy cards via The Infinaut.

While players must include numerous cards with discarding abilities, such as Hell Cow, Dracula, or Colleen Wing, the major challenge to these decks is a lack of the necessary cards.

Players must incorporate other means to gather Power or ensure their best hand if they do not have the necessary cards, such as Apocalypse in writing or the unintentional discarding of Morbius or Hela before either may be played.

Sunspot is ideal for discard decks since the 1 Energy 1 Power card gains Power for every unspent Energy, allowing players to delay activating their group of discard effects in their Marvel Snap deck composition.