How to Add Contact Information in a Resume?

The phone number is a piece of information of fundamental importance in the professional resume. This is independent of the format you choose when preparing it and the vacancy you are applying for. The telephone is still the most practical and universally used means of communication, even in times of the internet. Therefore, it is a fundamental tool for anyone looking for a job, even if they have other forms of communication at their disposal. After all, it’s the channel the employer will probably use to reach you, whether it’s scheduling an interview, answering questions or even letting them know you’ve been selected for a job. Check the best Resume writing service in Town.

Always include your phone number

Having an active and available telephone line is essential for any professional, not only during the period in which he is employed but also when he is looking for a job. The telephone number is one of the few pieces of information (along with the candidate’s name and email address) that absolutely cannot be missing from a resume.

Applying for a job without providing your phone number could affect your hiring. After all, it is usually the means chosen by the recruiter/employer to get in touch with candidates.

Some recruiters may even contact candidates via email, especially if the candidate’s contact with the company was via email. However, most companies still use the telephone to establish first contact with the candidate. It is a faster and more practical means than email since communication, in this case, is instantaneous. In addition, the phone call is often used to assess the candidate’s resourcefulness and check information from a resume directly with the professional.

Indicated location and format

If you are preparing your resume for a job vacancy in Pakistan and your telephone line is also Pakistani, it is unnecessary to include the country code before the number. After all, it will not need to be dialed by the employer for the call to be completed successfully. On the other hand, if you are applying for a job abroad, remember to indicate the area code for Pakistan (+92). Otherwise, recruiters may need help to contact you.

The candidate’s telephone number must be included in the first section of the resume, which is intended for personal data and contact information. There is no specific order for the information in this section other than that it starts with the candidate’s name. If the candidate prioritizes other information, the phone number can come right after the name or further down.

Be careful not to miss the number

When indicating your phone number on your resume, remember to check that it is correct. Putting the wrong number on the resume is a mistake that anyone can make out of sheer inattention, which can end up costing you dearly. Suppose the recruiter tries to call you, and the number needs to be corrected. In that case, you may be passed over for the vacancy, especially if it is a much disputed selection, with plenty of professionals available to the company. Recruiters are often in a hurry and will only spend time looking for the right number or another way to get in touch with you.

So check the phone number on your resume more than once. That way, you can be sure you haven’t made any mistakes. This care should be even greater if you have recently changed your number or due to any other factor that increases the risk of you getting confused when writing your phone number.

One phone number is enough

Use only one phone number on your resume. As tempting as it may be to provide every possible means to get in touch with you, the truth is that this can confuse the recruiter. A single number is enough for you to be contacted successfully and prevents the recruiter from being in doubt, among several options, about which number is the most appropriate to call.

Therefore, it is up to you to choose which phone number is the most convenient for a professional contact. It is recommended to indicate your mobile number instead of a landline. This decreases the chances that the recruiter will contact you during the day, for example, if you are not at home. Also, avoid providing a telephone number connected to your current job if you are employed, be it a business landline or corporate cell phone.

Pay attention to the calls

Once you’ve submitted your resume, be on the lookout for potential leads from the company you’re applying to. Nowadays, fortunately, there is the cell phone. Thanks to this technology, it became more difficult to miss an important call due to needing to be at home, for example. Still, remember to keep your device close by and not leave it silent if possible.

If you didn’t see or couldn’t answer a call, don’t wait too long to call back. If it was the company calling about the job you applied for, it’s best to keep them from waiting too long. After all, their rush is yours too.


Avoid being caught off guard! When submitting your resume for a job vacancy, you should be prepared to receive a response at any time, including over the phone. Often, that call will be to invite you to a job interview. However, the recruiter can take advantage of the call to ask questions about your resume or even conduct a short telephone interview. To demonstrate security over the phone, the ideal is to know your resume well and be prepared for the most common questions in job interviews.