How Do You Know If Someone is Online on Instagram?

It is not surprising that Instagram shares a ton of similarities to Facebook, snapchat, and Tiktok but it is still distinctive due to many features. This social platform is more user oriented than anything else because it adds creative filters, effects and transitions almost every week. If it’s Halloween you are going to find some excellent virtual makeovers on Instagram. It is such a bliss for artists who wish to transform themselves just for fun online.


Instagram Privacy Feature:

Whenever you log into your Facebook account, your status changes quickly from offline to online. Even on Facebook messenger if your status was “last seen 15 hours ago”, it changes quickly when you login to Facebook page. Regardless of whether you login to the messenger or not, your status changes itself. Likewise, when you are online on Instagram your friends, family members and colleagues can see your status there. The same happens when you use Whatsapp, the application shows your status “online” when you are active. I would say that there are too many similarities on the networks and showing status as green is one of them.

On Instagram, you have the option to set your own privacy for your status. You can show yourself offline even if you are online. Never mind all famous celebrities, influencers and artists are using the status privacy features to avoid themselves from the bombardment of messages from the followers and fans. And it makes sense too, if you have millions of Instagram followers, you do not want to make yourself appear online because your inbox will be swamped with their messages. Therefore, you can change the settings to keep your status private and offline.

In order to hide your activity and online status, follow the steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Tap on the setting.
  • Click on the privacy section.
  • Tap activity status and there toggle next to the activity status. You can turn it off or turn it on whatever is needed.

How Do You Know If Someone is Online on Instagram?

It is likely that you wish to talk to your school or college friends about an assignment, or to your ex because you want to patch up or to someone who has been angry about something, and you are waiting for them to come online. But, you want to text them only when they are online, if so, you can go to their profile and see for yourself if they are online at the moment. And here is how to do it.

Go to the profile of the person who you wish to talk to. And check if the green dot is appearing on their profile. Unless their privacy status is set offline in the setting the green dot will appear next to their name on the profile. If the green dot is showing visibly, you can text them because they are online.

Check the post of the person and you will see that their username will have a green dot on it. It shows that the person is active right now.

Just like Facebook Messenger, Instagram chat box shows a person online when they are active. Go to the chat box and see if the dot is green, if it is not, the chat box will show the status of the person when they were last seen online. For instance if you see that on the top it is written that “last seen 30 minutes ago”, it means that the person was online an hour ago but is offline now.

In the chat box you can always see the recent activity of the person. Their status changes immediately when they are active.

Note that if a person has turned off their status in the privacy section, you might not be able to see them online even when they are online. But, you can try sending them a message, when they open your message it shows the timeline on “read on 23;50” . This is just an exemplary time, you will see the exact time when they read and open your message. And this way you can know when they were online and active.


Status will Appear:

Fortunately, even if the privacy status is on, your Instagram account still updates your status when you come online because there is no way that you wish to hide about it from your followers or fans or family members. There is a new feature added on Instagram that updates about the time next to your username when you last used Instagram. If a person visits your profile, they can clearly know when was the last time you were using Instagram. Besides when you write a story or post a video or photo on Instagram it also times the real time in the details. It helps your followers to know about your recent activity.

Additionally, your recent online status activity is also shown in Instagram messenger or chat box. It’s impossible for anyone to hide all about their activities on Instagram because the application updates the time whenever a post is updated, posted or shared.