How Car Drivers Can Assure Road Safety for Cyclists?

The citizens of the state of New South Wales are aware of the fact that “Nobody owns the road.” Car owners and cyclists share the same general road rules, rights and responsibilities apart from a few specifics. They have equal stakes in conserving road safety. Paying attention to these and neighbouring vehicles, irrespective of their kind, would serve the best interests of both parties.

Motor vehicle drivers must be empathetic towards the bicycle riders, or at the very least respect their right to be on the road. Driving at high speeds when vulnerable cyclists are riding close by is likely to cause serious issues. Motor vehicle drivers who accidentally crash into bike riders will almost always leave them with mild to severe injuries and the faster the speed the harder the fall.

Car insurance in NSW won’t support the expenses incurred in nursing the wounded party – that’s what CTP insurance is for – but it will cover damage to your and others’ vehicles and property in an accident.

Request an online car insurance quote from multiple vendors and get a quick policy that suits your needs. It would be of immense financial help, especially if you are a sound driver who accidentally lost control or misread a driving situation. You know you didn’t cause the injury or damage intentionally. Despite that, you have a mess to clean up.

This article dwells on motor vehicle drivers’ precautions to ensure a safe ride for their cyclist mates. Here are some key information points:

  1. Survey the road ahead to spot any bicycle riders.
  2. On reaching turning points and road intersections, check for any oncoming cyclists. Treat them with the same courtesy you would any other vehicle on the road.
  3. The law mandates all drivers to overtake vehicles or cyclists only under secure conditions. Slow down your car before passing them.
  4. Going by the rules, you need to maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre to allow breathing space for the riders sharing the road. If you are driving at speeds beyond 60kmph, then the clearance value is fixed at 1.5m in the least.
  5. Look back and over your right shoulder for any following vehicles, cyclists, and commuters before you open the car door. Also, look into your mirrors before opening the door.

   Note: You can adapt the technique of using the furthest hand to open the car door. The reason for this recommendation is that the driver will have to force himself to turn around and open the door. In the meantime, they would have scanned over their right shoulder to check if vehicles are zooming past.

Similarly, people seated towards the left side of the vehicle may use their right hands to open the door.

All too often car owners have a door or more ripped off/damaged– by cars and bikes alike – due to not looking behind them before opening it. This is another occasion where your comprehensive car insurance will come in handy for repairs after such an accident.

  1. Be cautious about the cyclists riding on cycle ways in case they accidentally move onto the road.
  2. Stay watchful while driving in harsh weather and during night times. Maintain low speeds to catch up with the rest of the traffic. You don’t want to run into pedestrians or bicycle riders because of poor visibility. Do you?
  3. A bicycle lane is meant for cyclists. Don’t make an erroneous decision to stop/park/drive into that zone. The only conditions when you may cross this area are to enter private property, find a spot to pull up in the parking zone and take a left turn.
  4. Two cyclists may ride side by side; it falls well within the road regulations. Stay calm and overtake them at a safe time.


Research insurance policies and ask for an online car insurance quote only after carefully exploring a policy’s inclusions and exclusions. A prudent person not only thinks about this but also long-term safety, so insurance goes hand in hand with safe driving around cars and bikes alike.