How Breaking Bad Secretly Aids the Chances of A Malcom In The Middle Revival

A revival of Malcolm in the Middle may be in the works, and the existence of Breaking Bad helps the chances of it happening.

Bryan Cranston, who plays Hal in Malcolm in the Middle and Walter White in Breaking Bad, is the link between the two shows. So, while the two series appear to be opposed (Malcolm in the Middle is a cheerful sitcom and Breaking Bad is a stressful drama), Breaking Bad could be the key to a Malcolm in the Middle revival happening.

Bryan Cranston rose to prominence as Malcolm in the Middle’s troubled father, Hal Wilkerson, beginning in 2000.

Cranston’s career took a dramatic shift after the program concluded in 2006, with the actor being cast as the star of Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston recently confirmed that a revival of Malcolm in the Middle is possible and that he would undoubtedly be involved.

Returning to Malcolm in the Middle may appear to be a step back for Bryan Cranston, but his Breaking Bad performance and subsequent success may be just what the revival needs.

The legacy of Breaking Bad makes a Malcolm in the Middle revival more likely.

Bryan Cranston is most remembered for his part as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, but his portrayal as Walter White in Breaking Bad is by far his most popular. Walter White defines Bryan Cranston’s legacy, and many people have followed the actor’s career attentively because of his outstanding performance in Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston’s involvement in Better Call Saul and their main role in Your Honor demonstrates that his career is still thriving, implying that many eyes are on him. Because of the actor’s popularity, a revival of Malcolm in the Middle is more likely than ever.

Despite being two independent properties, Bryan Cranston’s presence in Breaking Bad has prompted many viewers to watch Malcolm in the Middle.

Bryan Cranston’s involvement in Malcolm in the Middle resurrection might bring in even more viewers, implying that studios may be encouraged to start the revival. she appears eager to work on the Malcolm in the Middle revival, and his celebrity and caliber as an actor may be enough to make it.

Bryan Cranston’s Breaking Bad role has the potential to make Malcolm in the Middle more amusing.

While he is essential to the revival’s success, Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White in Malcolm in the Middle will make the show funnier.

The tones of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle couldn’t be more dissimilar. Thus the pairing of Bryan Cranston’s parts would be oddly hilarious.

Cranston’s defining role has become Walter White, which means that even if he plays Hal again, some fans would be unable to recognize him as anything other than Walt.

Interestingly, Breaking Bad has previously used this juxtaposition. The Breaking Bad box set DVD collection includes a funny alternate ending in which Hal wakes up next to Lois after the show. This moment was almost like a Malcolm in the Middle reunion, illustrating that Cranston’s presence in the show makes it funnier.