Henry Legolant in Black Clover

Henry Legolant is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight from the hideout of the Black Bulls. He suffers from a rare condition called the “Legolant Syndrome,” which makes him absorb magic from objects close to his body. Without enough magic, he will die. However, it’s only in the course of the Elves revenge arc that we discover his unique condition. Here’s how he became one of the most beloved characters in the game.


Like his sister, Marie, Gauche has few interests and is generally unwelcoming towards everyone. He rarely hesitates to attack others and is particularly cruel to his enemies. For example, he kicks Neige, who Gauche has just injured. He also has a hatred for Asta and tries to kill her at one point. Despite this, Gauche seems to love his sister. This is apparent in the way he cares for Marie.

In the first series of the series, Gauche was born in the Clover Kingdom. He is the first son of the noble house of Adlai and has a younger sister, Marie. Although born into a noble family, he was thrown out when the other nobles inherited the Adlai estate. When the Demon returns, Gauche becomes enraged and sets out to save his sister. The two sisters eventually get together and fight the Demon together.

Henry Legolant

Henry Legolant is a fictional character in the anime series Black Clover. He is a 5th Class Junior Magic Knight and a member of the Black Bulls squad. He is a nobleman by birth but was cursed as a child and suffered from a rare disorder that caused him to absorb the magic of those around him. This disorder forced his parents to live in a hideout in the jungle of the Clover Kingdom. When Yami Sukehiro came to the Clover Kingdom, she was looking for a hideout for the Black Bull squad and came across Henry.

Despite being a member of the Black Bulls squad, Henry is bedridden due to an illness that saps his mana. His parents abandoned him, never to return, and Yami found him. His illness causes him to be bedridden and unable to move. However, his magical power will soon come back. When he recovers, he can use his mana to fight and defeat the Black Bulls and restore the lost mana.

Black Bull Squad

The Black Bull squad is a group of troublemakers that the villainous Yami founded. The members are odd-looking and unorthodox, and most of them were recruited directly rather than selected through the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. One of their vice-captains is Nacht Faust, known for helping Asta channel his devil. The squad is a bit more unorthodox than the rest of the group.

Grey is a blue-haired girl who joined the Black Bulls after being forced to leave her home by her abusive stepmother. She eventually developed feelings for fellow member Gauche and began to shapeshift herself. Grey initially used her magic, known as Transformation Magic, to assume the appearance of others. She took on the persona of a shadowy man for most of her life but eventually learned to transform her magic into other attributes.

Magic House

A nobleman named Henry Legolant is a 5th class Junior Magic Knight. He can absorb mana passively from others. In addition to being a skilled wizard, Henry is also a professional user of recombination magic, changing the shape of rooms in his magic house. However, this nobleman is not as powerful as other members of the Legolant family. Therefore, his greatest challenge is to make the Legolant’s Magic house as dangerous as possible.

Henri Regoranto

Henry Legolant owns the Black Bulls base and uses Recombination Magic to remodel it. Unlike his counterparts, he tends to talk slowly and mumble. After his parents left, Henry assumed his death was imminent, but Yami persuades him to live. Henry, now in the Common Region, must passively siphon mana from others to survive.