10 Best Games Like Life is Strange

Life is Strange was created by the company Dontnod. In this game, the players face the challenges of being a teenager. Furthermore, it adds a little bit of supernatural powers theme to it. it is a story-driven adventure game. In this game, the players play as Max Caulfield, a teenage boy who has the ability to rewind time as well as see the future. The players get to see the future of different choices they make and solve puzzles with the help of this ability. This game is an emotional roller-coaster since it has so many unexpected turns and twists.

However, in the end, everyone liked this game because of its relatability of struggles of adolescence. Moreover, the soundtrack and OSTs of this game are quite unique and very good. There are total of 2 games that have been released in the series. The first part of being life is strange: before the storm and the second part being life is strange 2.

Enough talk about life is strange, in case you have already played life is strange and want to play more other story-driven games then, here is a list of 10 best game like life is strange only for you:

  1. Beyond two souls
  2. Gone home
  3. Last day of June
  4. Wolf among us
  5. Until dawn
  6. Quantum break
  7. Fire watch
  8. Telltale’s the walking dead
  9. Night in the woods
  10. Oxenfree

Beyond two souls

Beyond two souls is a story driven adventure game that was created by the Quantic dream. This game, just like life is strange, focuses a lot on the different choices you make in the game. Each and every decision you make in this game, shapes the narrative of the story. So, it is quite normal to see more than one endings and outcomes, similar to the life is strange. The leading character of this game is called Jodie who is a young child who is in foster care and appears to have a connection with a soul called as Aiden. Aiden is a single entity, that either helps you with the adventure or makes it more difficult for you, depending on the choices you make.

Gone home

Gone home is a first person adventure game which was created by Fullbright. This game is focused on only one, very detailed house. the players play as Katie who returns to her home after many years after going abroad. The mystery starts when you reach the front door of your house and realize that your family is not at home. Furthermore, you start questioning a lot of certain things about your family that you need to be answered as soon as possible. After entering the house, you start listening to tapes, checking draws, finding notes and letters, you start to unravel the secrets of your family and get to know about all the difficulties that they had to face while you were abroad.

Last day of June

Another game like life of strange is the last day of June. This game is all about human connections and emotions. It is a tale of loss and love that will definitely make you cry. Furthermore, it has a unique art style and the perfect soundtrack for each interactive scene. The story revolves around a couple, Carl and June. The players play as Carl. After a suffering from an accident, you have to progress your war though the story by making a lot of difficult decisions in order to bring back your loved one, June.

Wolf among us

Wolf among us is also another game just like life is strange that focuses on the decisions that players make. The story of this game revolves around a wolf known as Bigby who is the acting sheriff of fabletown. Fables are fairytale characters who wears disguises in order to hide themselves in the normal society. The main character who once was also known as big bad wolf has to solve a murder investigation that is quite eye-opening for him. The story develops depending how you interact with your fellow fables.

Until dawn

Until dawn takes it to the next level. In this game, the decisions and choices that the players have to make are way more difficult than other games. Each decision you make affects the lives of the characters you meet in the game. Until dawn follows a story where 8 friends are stuck on a remote mountain and soon find out that they are not alone. Something horrific lies within them. the decisions you make will either break or make the group.

Quantum break

The leading character of quantum break is an awkward teenage boy who has super natural powers that lets him to change the fate itself. The story is quite action-packed as well as it focuses on the decisions and choices you make. Depending on the choices you make, you either follow the path of a hero Jack Joyce, or his enemy known as Paul Serene, both of these people had gained fate changing abilities and were written in the history. Furthermore, this game is quite realistic.

Fire watch

While life is strange will keep you interested with its element of mystery. Games like life is strange such as fire watch will also intrigue you in keep playing the game until you find everything, just like a good cliffhanger. In this game, you play as henry, a man just found a job in Wyoming wilderness. The story develops between the conservation of henry and his supervisor Delilah. Depending on how you interact with him, your job becomes easy or difficult.

Telltale’s the walking dead

Just like life is strange, the walking dead is also episodic in format. If you are looking for a game where you can play multiple characters and there are multiple outcomes, then this game is perfect for you. In this game, a zombie outbreak has started and you play as Lee Everett, who is in the back seat of a cop car because of some crime he committed. Nevertheless, after an accident, you escape from the cop but soon realize that zombies are way worse than cops. As the story progresses, you find a girl who has been separated from her parents. Her name is clementine.

Night in the woods

The leading character known as Mae Borowski returns to her homeland which is a mining town in order to reconnect with her friends and family. This game does its best job in order to express the story of just some friends that are trying their best to deal with all the difficulties that life gives them. It explores themes such as friendship, mental health and healing.


The main protagonist, Alex, takes her stepbrother to a party with her three friends. Just like life is strange, Oxenfree also has the time bending element. Thanks to a ghostly rift which was not invited in the party, the group has been separated and divided and forces you to confront your problems of the past. As this game lets you control the dialogues, you get to shape the personality of Alex.