Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF) Security Breach Mobile

Five Nights At Freddy’s. – FNAF Security Breach is another masterpiece of Steel Wool Studios launched by Scott Games on December 16,2021. For Windows, Play stations, IOS, and Android systems.

It has a unique combination of horror, Speedy Actions, Fast-moving Time, Characters, Villains, and much more. You face villains like Vanny, Girl in a rabbit costume, Vanessa who’s guarding the mall, employee metallic robots named as personnel bots (Which plays the role of CCTV cameras and alert all the enemies by spreading signals it the got the location of your main character).

Your main character is named Gregory, who unfortunately secured up in the huge shopping mall. You must protect him and be responsible for taking him out of the mall while completing various missions.

Disarming different enemies and acquiring different objectives opens new ways to proceed in the game. Don’t worry; there is a kind robot that is always ready to help you find out different paths, shortcuts, tools know-how, and solid protection from the enemies.

He also contains a little space in his belly called “Birthday Cake Hatch,” which looks quite cool when you desperately need different tools or a hiding place in hot zones.

Gregory often takes place in his belly and can control him while passing by the enemies. He looks from his blue eyes for clear vision.

Despite this robot, you also have access to the tools like “Flashlight” and “Faz Watch,” where you can simply use a flashlight in the dark to stay away from hidden enemies and Faz Watch to access different devices, Security cameras, and your current place in the mall.

You can also contact your friend robot at the time of need. But always notice his battery which often needs a recharge, and your watch and flashlight.

I must suggest Keeping two to three cells stored for tough situations.

Despite these, you have two solid weapons to permanently or partially knock out your enemies named Faz Cam and Faz Blaster. Faz cam is less effective on your enemies due to lack of rounds and partial paralyzing your enemies in front of you.

Rather, Faz Blaster is your real friend of yours but a little hard to use as it only works when you shoot it on enemies’ heads.

CAUTION: This game contains jumpscares that suddenly attack your player. If you feel any discomfort or playing with the history of epilepsy, stop playing and consult with your doctor.

The main part is that you must take down both Vanny lady in rabbit costume & Glitch-Trap, the real mafia boss in the game, who’s quite challenging.

Main Plot:

The character you control in this game is a kid who’s basically a true fan of a superstar and comes in the mall to meet him secretly but is unable because of tight security and many guards around the superstar.

Although he’s consistent and stood straight upon his decision, let’s stick with us to know if there is any chance for the young guy to meet his dream?

Although he is taking the help of a kind robot everywhere and finally passing through many vants and crossing many doors, he meets his dream. Right before 6:00 Am, he manages to escape from the mall.


While if we talk about the game’s graphics, it’s quite childish because the mall is for kids. Everywhere plenty of stars, beautiful pictures, frame quality, and lightning makes a perfect combo of professionalism and teamwork of developers.


All the way, you hear quite relaxing sounds irrespective of the sudden involvement of villans in the game, which makes blood circulation quite fast. But without these villains, it’s useless to play this game of horror.

Final Thoughts:

When I researched these games, read articles watching videos on different platforms, I felt that this game was grabbing my attention. Finally, I wished to play these beautiful masterpieces of the horrible world.

You Might Think About:

What is the age limit for this game?

Well, the age limit is 12 and above. And it’s not for those with weak hearts!!!

Is FNAF also rated M 17+ ?

Yes FNAF Security breach Mobile also rated as M 17+. You can guess that what you are going to play and how to cop with different terrifying situations.