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Christopher James Evans who was born in first april 1966, is a radio DJ,voice actor, television presenter, entrepreneur, and television and radio producer. As a youngster, he began his career of broadcasting as a broadcaster for Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio, before travelling to London to work for the Greater London Radio which was of BBC and subsequently television of Channel 4, from which he rose to fame on Big Breakfast. He was soon able to impose extremely favourable conditions, he was allowed to broadcast on television stations and competing radios. TFI Friday and breakfast radio 1 offered a combination of music, comedy games and celebrity interviews, all produced in a mocking way that drew great ratings while also generating a large number of complaints, he was the highest-paid entertainer in the United Kingdom by 2000.

Furthermore, he was the BBC’s highest-paid presenter in the tax year ending in April 2017, earning between £2.2 million and £2.25 million. He began his new career in 2005, delivering his long Drivetime show on Radio 2 of BBC, before switching to anchor Breakfast Show of chrisevans, which aired every weekday and in the morning, in 2010. Between 2010 to 2015, he was the Friday host of The One Show. He co-hosted Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park from 2011 until 2018. Evans agreed to a three-year agreement in 2015 for a new and next-level Top Gear lineup and host a TFI Friday resurrection series. On 2016, around july 4th or something, he announced, he will be leaving his position as host from the Top Gear. He announced on September 3, 2018, that he will be quitting The Breakfast Show of radio 2 on Christmas Eve to broadcast Virgin Radio UK’s breakfast show. Heand the majority of his normal staff moved from BBC Radio 2.

He was born in a place called as Warrington which is in England, on November 12, 1921, his parents were a health wages clerk and a bookmaker. Martin Joseph, who was born in 12 November 1921 and died on 25 April 1979 and his mother, Minnie Beardsall who was born in 1926 and died recently in 2018, who had a nice shop. Evan has a brother called David who was born in 1953 and a sister called Diane are his siblings (born 1963).  He attended St Margaret’s Church and then the Junior School in a place called Orford which is in Warrington, where he began his education. Evans’ father died of colorectal cancer, while his mother overcame breast cancer.

He succeeded in the Eleven-Plus test and enrolled in Warrington’s Grammar School of Boteler. Evans, at 13, began part-time employment at T. J. & B. where he worked as a tobacconist and a newsagent which was in Woolston after his father died on April 25, 1979, and managed the secondary tuck-shop which was in Padgate High School, a school he attended for the later part of his secondary schooling. Evans dropped out of that school at the age of 16 after transferring in the sixth, and went on to work at a detective agency. Furthermore, he also worked as the most infamously, “Tarzan-ogram” in and around Warrington.

Chris is the proud owner of a priceless collection of automobiles. This collection is estimated to be worth more than $60 million. A Ferrari 250 GT LussoBerlinetta, Ferrari 250 GTO worth $8 million that was previously owned by Steve McQueen and james Coburn, a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/6C, a Ferrari 458 Speciale, a McLaren 675LT, a Jaguar XK SS,a Ferrari California and many others are among his collection.


As an admirer of fast vehicles, particularly Ferraris, Evans was prohibited from driving for almost 60 days and was almost fined £550 in 2001 after he admitted that he was speeding and got a speeding offence in Staines Magistrates’ Court. He got that fine after being pulled over by the Police of surrey, in January 2001 when driving at 169km per hour, on the road in Esher. Evans’ 575M Maranello which was silver in color, crashed into a ditch near his Surrey home in 2005. Evans purchased a 1961 250 GT Spyder California SWB originally owned by US actor James Coburn for the then-world record price of 6.4 million euros at RM Auctions/Ferrari Sotheby’s sale in Maranello, Italy, on May 18, 2008. Evans said on his Radio 2 blog in March 2008 that he had eaten “magic mushrooms” two days before seeing Meat Loaf at the Royal Albert Hall. “I believed I was documenting the Albert Hall sliding sideways on the back of a gigantic rock and roll crab, which I didn’t think the world should miss,” he explained. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said the department will look into any complaints of class A drug use.

Chris Evans’ net worth
Chris Evans’ net worth

Chris evans net worth of total 120 million dollars and is a presenter and producer. He was born in April 1966 in Warrington, England. Evans worked for Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio as a youngster. He became one of the most important Channel 4 and BBC presenter, and he made his start at Big Breakfast. Evans was a guest on both the Breakfast Show of radio 1 and TFI Friday. In 2000, Evans was named the performer who got the highest pay of all time in theUnited Kingdom, and in 2017, evans was named the BBC presenter who got the highest pay. Evans began presenting on Radio 2 of BBC at 2005, also in 2010 he launched his own show, the Breakfast Show of chrisevans.

Evans Family
Evans Family

He has a daughter with his ex-fiancée, Alison Ward, Jade (born 1986). After a long feud, the couple settled without the court in 1998, with Evans providing a house for their daughter also, Ward receiving an allowance. Evans escorted her on the aisle as jade married her fiancé Callum on September 7, 2013. When Evans daughter got pregnant and gave birth to Teddy Rupert on January 9, 2015, he became a grandfather.

Evans met young pop singer Billie Piper in May 2000, and they dated for long period. She proposed to him on 35th birthday of his, as a gift, and the pair married on May 6, 2001, in a 200 pound ceremony in Las Vegas somewhere at the little church, Nevada, in front of his six guests which included his best man named Danny Baker. Evans had a stand in Camden Market at the time, when he was selling artworks and furniture from Los angeles and London houses. Evans and his wife divorced in 2005, with her publicly declaring that she will not accept any money from him. Evans and his wife divorced in May 2007, nearly three years ahead of their separation.

In 1991, Evans married Carol McGiffin. Their breakup in 1993 was acrimonious, and McGiffin has been critical of Evans in newspaper pieces ever since. In 1998, the couple divorced. Evans had publicized romances with model Rachel Tatton-Brown, Kim Wilde, Melanie sykes,Anthea Turner, Suzi Aplin, and Geri Halliwell during his tenure at BBC Radio 1 and Virgin.

Evans met Natasha Shishmanian, a part-time model, columnist and a professional golfer who worked at Golf Punk magazine, when they became partners in golf in the 2005 All Star Cup tournament which was held at Newport – Evans gave Natalie Harrison, his caddy which was almost seventeen years old, a £10,000 Russian diamond he won because everyone likes the quality of the play he played that day.In 2007 around august, Evans and she got married and hosted a reception the following weekend at Faro, Portugal, which was attended by his Ex-wife as well, Piper. This couple has two boys, who were born in the years 2012 and 2009. Noah, their eldest son, has made several appearances on his dad’s morning radio show.

Evans’ wife, who had been induced the day before, gave birth to twins, Walt and Boo, on September 20, 2018.York St Johns University gave an honorary degree to Evans on November 15, 2016, which was handed to him at York Minster by Archbishop Dr. John Sentamu who was the university’s chancellor.his mother named Minnie died on May 3, 2018, when she was 92 years old.

Evans Affairs

Chris evans has dated a lot of girls in the past including but not limited to Alison ward, carol mcgiffin, kimwilde, Rachel tatton brown, anthea turner, gerihorner, Melanie sykes, annafriel, billie piper, jayne sharp and his current wife Natasha shishmanian.

  • Alison ward

Alison Ann Ward is a writer, painter, actor, and television and podcast host from the United States. She now works as a journalist for CBS’s show Innovation Nation. Ward has contributed to the L.A. Weekly and the Los Angeles Times, among other publications. Nash Bridges is one of the few TV series in which she has appeared. She rose to fame after appearing on the Cooking Channel shows Tripping Out with Alie& Georgia, Unique Sweets, and Classy Ladies with Georgia Hardstark.


  • Carol mcgiffin

In 1991, she married Chris Evans, a television personality. They divorced in 1998 after separating in 1993.


  • Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is an English pop singer, novelist, DJ, and television personality who was born Kim Smith on November 18, 1960. Her breakthrough single “Kids in America,” which reached number two in the UK in 1981, was her first taste of success. She won the Brit Award for Best British Female Solo Artist in 1983. With a remixed version of the Supremes’ song “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” she scored a UK number two success in 1986, and it also topped the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1987. She had 25 singles between 1981 and 1996.


  • Rachel brown

After dumping pop beauty Kim Wilde, Big star Christopher Evans is dating Rachel Tatton-Brown who is a gorgeous woman. According to Rachel’s neighbours, he has spent numerous nights at her house recently.



  • Geri horner

that’s precisely what Chris did in November 1999, when he decided to dismiss former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell following a three-week relationship. Jamie adds, “Geri was genuinely into the romance, and he strung her along.” “With Geri, he was willing to use the connection for the publicity of making the front pages.”


  • Melanie sykes

Boddington’s beauty has been swept away by DJ Chris Evans. Melanie Sykes is a British actress. Melanie Sykes is going on a romantic vacation. Evans and Melanie, 29, returned to the UK on Friday following a four-day vacation in sunny Tenerife.


  • Anna friel

Evans dated actress Anna Frieland stole her from her ex-boyfriend who is an Irish musician named Gavin Friday. Furthermore, he was closest friends with U2’s Bono, during a drinking session in Dublin in February 2000.


  • Billie piper

Billie Paul Piper is a British actress and former singer. At the age of 13, she made her acting debut in Scratchy & Co. Piper made history when she released her debut song “Because We Want To” at the age of 15, being the youngest female artist to ever reach number one on the UK Singles Chart.


  • Jayne sharp

He’s only been dating TV host Jayne Sharp for a month, but he’s already moved her into his house. Since the termination of his three-year marriage to Billie Jean, the 39-year-old media magnate has had plenty of female company.


  • Natasha shishmanian

Evans is married to him and has 2 children with her.


                                                                                                         Evans Business
Evans Business

He has no business of his own whatsoever. However, he earns and earned his money by being the highest-paid presenter as well as the entertainer. He is only a presenter and he is not a businessman. Often people tend to think that he must be a business man as well because of his net worth but he is not.



After reading this article, you now know everything there is about chrisevans the presenter including his personal life, his affairs and family. However, if you fully want to know about him, the best way is to go and meet him in person.