Everything Vice City in GTA 6 Could Learn From RDR2’s Open World

Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to release later this year, and as such, fans of the series are anticipating everything it has in store. One of the most anticipated features is the return of the open world, which fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 will certainly appreciate. But what can GTA 6 borrow from RDR2’s open world? Here are eight things that GTA 6 should steal from RDR2 in order to create an equally impressive open-world experience.

Interiors in GTA 6 should be more like those in RDR2.

One of the most impressive things about Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 was the quality of its interior design. From the varied and beautiful landscapes to the intricate details in each and every building, everything felt like a carefully crafted ensemble. It would be great to see more games follow suit and start incorporating some of the same levels of detail and care into their interiors.

It’s not just appearance that matters when it comes to good interior design; it’s also important to consider how different areas of a game world can be used to create variety and purpose. In RDR2, for example, each town had its own unique architecture, history, and inhabitants that helped to make it feel like a special place. GTA 6 could benefit from something similar – an array of distinct places with their own unique characteristics that players can explore as they go along.

While there are already a few examples of this kind of thing in GTA 5 (the caves in Los Santos are a great example), developers should really take opportunities to amp up the level of detail throughout all aspects of the game world if they want to replicate what RDR2 achieved so successfully.

GTA 6 Should Use RDR2’s Immersive Public Transportation

After spending dozens of hours in Red Dead Redemption 2, one thing is for sure: the game’s immersive public transportation system is something that needs to be taken into account for GTA 6. The system lets players seamlessly transition between different modes of transportation, making it easy to get around any area of the game world.

While the idea isn’t new – Rockstar Games borrowed it from Red Dead Redemption 2 – GTA 6 could do a much better job of incorporating it into the game world. Doing so would make traversing the huge map much easier and more enjoyable, as well as open up new areas of the game for exploration. It would also provide an interesting dynamic between city life and out-of-the-way settlements, something that is currently lacking in the series.

NPCs in GTA 6 require RDR2-level memories.

In Grand Theft Auto 6, NPCs will need memories that match the level of detail found in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. This means that Liberty City will be a more vibrant and realistic place with characters that feel more alive.

NPCs in GTA 6 will react to the player differently based on how well they know them. For example, if the player has been friendly towards them, NPCs will be more forgiving if they get into a fight. On the other hand, if the player has been hostile towards them, NPCs will be less likely to help them out during a crisis.

This system is similar to how relationships work in real life, where people are more likely to help someone they know well than someone they don’t know as well. By building these relationships with NPCs, players can control the tone of an environment and create dynamic scenes where interactions between characters have an impact on the game world.

Rockstar has also announced that there will be no loading screens when transitioning between areas in GTA 6. This means that players won’t have to wait for environments or cutscenes to load before continuing the game. In addition, Rockstar plans on making Los Santos much larger than any other GTA game before it, giving players a greater range of activities to engage in at any given moment.