Even in the middle of Baisakh where the weather is winter

A few days of continuous heat wave has left. No sun or wind. Monday morning is different. There is no sun in the sky, it is covered with clouds. A gentle breeze is blowing. The electric fan did not have to run the previous night. Even though the fan was running slowly, the thin scarf had to be pulled on.

Even in the middle of Baisakh, the weather in Rangpur is like winter. The sky has been overcast since last night, but no rain. Along with the cold air. This is like untimely anti-nature behavior. Feeling cold.

In the last few days of continuous heat, people felt the need of some shade while walking. In the intense heat, one side was sweating profusely, on the other side, the throat was dry. Electric fans were running continuously in offices, courts and homes. But that scenario suddenly changed. The fans have stopped whirring, the cold north wind is blowing. Due to various reasons, the heat of summer has suddenly decreased. A slightly cooler atmosphere has descended.

Rangpur Meteorological Office official Kamrul Hasan said, the cold Himalayan wind is blowing from the north. The maximum temperature this morning was 26 degrees Celsius. The temperature has fluctuated between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius for the past two-three-four days. Even in the month of Baisakh, it is now feeling cold in the midst of heat. This is the effect of climate change.

This morning, it was seen that it was cold to ride a motorcycle in the city and suburbs. Riders are running to the destination wearing body jackets. Relief is also working among those who have prepared to go to work in the village fields.

We talked to four people who were pedaling bicycles and running from the village to the city to work near Nisbetganj Bridge in the city. Among them, Gautam Kumar of Rajendrapur area said, ‘It was unbearably hot even two days ago. It was difficult to ride a bicycle. And now the cold air.’

The sky of Rangpur is cloudy since last night. The sun is not visible today. The night wind is blowing on it. A northerly cold wind is blowing.

Khalid Saifullah, a poet and writer of Rangpur, said, ‘The body and mind are happy in such cold weather during summer. Even though the fan was running lightly last night, I had to hug my body.’

Jahangir Kabir, deputy director of health department of Rangpur said, cold, fever and cough may increase due to this hot and cold weather. So everyone should be alert. A sudden sore throat may also occur, especially in children.