Establishing your recruitment start-up Here are the key tech tools you need

To prepare for 2022 and the stabilising of the employment market, recruiters can begin to launch their start-up businesses. Running a staffing agency is not easy. But with the right technology, a recruitment agency can be up-and-running in no time. All it takes is a good recruitment software system and a few more recruiting support solutions.


How significant is the technology for recruitment business?

Recruitment is people-focused so you might be wondering if technology is really that important for this sector. But well, this industry is very tech-driven. Modern businesses of any industry cannot do without a proper tech support system. And if the last two years have taught us anything, it is that businesses need a suitable software solution or two to thrive.


Remote recruiting has become a reality now. While it was already present even before the pandemic in 2020, remote hiring processes have become firmly entrenched in the industry now.


This means that agencies have a huge requirement for the best tech. Only through the support of proper equipment can recruiters be expected to continue their excellent work away from the office desk. One more point to absorb is that these tools are not just useful when dealing with candidates and clients – it is every bit as important for team collaboration and communication which helps the business grow stronger.


The key tech tools every recruitment agency must use

  • Recruitment software
  • Skills testing software
  • Video calling software
  • Telephony software
  • E-signature tool


A good recruitment CRM software acts as the foundation for agencies. This value and importance are because of how a recruitment database is a critical pillar for recruiters and their agencies. If you are an experienced recruiter you understand why people data and a strong candidate pool are so crucial. Finding the best recruitment software for agencies to bring this database under one platform is not easy. However, it is incredibly vital for the successful running of any agency.


Candidate skills assessment is now something every staffing agency has incorporated into their hiring process. This pre-employment skills testing enables recruiters and employers to understand how skilled candidates actually are and which ones are the better choice. Online skills testing software makes the job of assessing applicants and filtering the job applications much quicker and effective.


Since remote recruitment, video calling and telephony software solutions have become very worthwhile tech systems to invest in. From team meetings to candidate interviews and calls with hiring companies, these software solutions have helped staffing agencies keep their communication and collaboration processes streamlined and effective.


E-signature tools are also an integral part of the all-digital hiring systems now. It saves recruiters time while being a much more efficient way to get documents signed safely and securely. No more printing tons of paper and sending documents back and forth. Recruiters can call up the recipients to inform them that they need an important document signed which can be sent via email. The recipient can sign it promptly before sending it back. Once the recruiter receives it, they can proceed on to the next stage. The entire process doesn’t take that much time at all and enables more work to be done in a short period.


Finding the best recruitment software for agencies is vital

Now, why we say that a good recruitment CRM is incredibly important is because the platform acts as the strong foundation from where an agency can work productively and efficiently.


So even when looking for all the above-mentioned tech tools, it is necessary to keep in mind that these tools have to be able to work smoothly with whichever recruitment database platform the agency selects at the end.


All these software solutions -recruitment CRM, skills testing software, video calling software, etc.- need to work perfectly together. There has to be compatibility among all the tools to let the recruiters work to the best of their ability.