DriveClub- 5 Things to know about this VR Racing Game

Driveclub, developed by Evolution Studios and published by Open World Car Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment, is the perfect and best VR racing game for anyone who desires brand-new vehicles at and cheap price. Plus, this game includes both single player and local multiplayer modes. This video game gives you amazing, realistic, and immersive driving skills. It makes you feel the joy of driving the most efficient and brilliantly designed cars. You can easily access this game on PS4 and Android.

Before beginning this wonderful game, you might need to know a few things those are listed below:

Number # 01: Complete tasks individually:

You are given all the tasks to accomplish altogether to earn points, but the fact is that this only makes races more difficult and is not necessary to finish all the races at the same time. You can complete the objectives one by one rather than doing them simultaneously. You will find objectives much simpler if you do them separately. Thus, as you finish your one task you will be rewarded for it also it will be shown as complete. Since drifting or meeting certain speeds can cause collisions or put you at risk, it is better to complete these goals without winning the race.

Number # 02:  Keep an eye on Accolade Points:

Make sure to check accolade points in your profile. This tip will not help you in winning races however it will make you level up quickly as to unlock brand new cars and paint jobs. Whenever you reach a new level of accolades, you are rewarded efficiently in experience points since points increase as they ascend. So, don’t forget to check the next ones to unlock, complete them and you will level up more rapidly.

Number # 03: Wheels and Weather:

Choose the cars and wheels wisely as some races need a better car like the cars in Forza Horizon 5 Cars List. You can try your luck with what car you have got but there are occasions where you might be beyond your league. So, come back later and level up first then unlock other vehicles and perhaps you will get the one you are looking for. The same goes for various tasks during a race. Certain vehicles are for specific tasks, so it is advantageous to find the right car first.

Also, some races are going to be in rain, so pick a car with all-wheel drive instead of a rear wheel drive. For instance, a car GTA Spano is much harder to manage as the road is wet and slippery although the Audi R8 will have no difficulty at all.   

Number # 04: Drifting made easy:

Drifting in DriveClub can be trickier for some players and some find it easier with fun. It is rewarded with fame points, so drifting is worth learning. It is easy just move towards the corner from the outside, turn in and hold the circle icon until the back has stepped out. Let go of it and get back on the gas. That’s it. Now you know how to do it well. But sometimes it slows you down severely when it comes to fast laps.

Number # 05: Remember your Track:

Pay attention and glance at the tracks whenever you can. Don’t worry if you are new to this VR racing game. It is hard to memorise as there are so many tracks with the same corners. You will learn where to brake, how speedy to go on specific corners and the correct shape of the curve. The more you race in a particular track, the better you will get at it.

So, these were the few things that might benefit new players to enhance their performance in DriveClub.