Doctor Who Reveals the REAL Cause the TARDIS Doesn’t Have Weapons

For as long as Doctor Who fans have been discussing the TARDIS‘ lack of weapons, there has been one prevailing theory: The Doctor doesn’t want to hurt. But a new documentary called Time Quest sheds some light on another possible reason: the Doctor is afraid of the future. Time Quest follows the production of a Doctor Who episode that involved time travel to Victorian London. There, the Doctor finds himself in a world where aliens attack him. To defend himself, he uses his version of the TARDIS weapon—a sonic screwdriver. This revelation not only changes our understanding of the lack of weapons on the TARDIS but it opens up new questions about the character and his motivations. What does this reveal about his beliefs? What does it say about his fears? And how does it impact his relationship with the Doctor? If you’re curious about these questions and more, be sure to check out Time Quest.

The TARDIS Declines to Carry Weapons

In a new blog post, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed the REAL reason the TARDIS doesn’t have weapons. According to Moffat, the Time Lords don’t believe in violence and prefer to use their unique powers to solve conflicts peacefully.

This philosophy is put into practice in The Day of the Doctor when the TARDIS arrives on Earth in 1984 and helps stop the War Doctor from destroying London. Given these examples, the decision not to carry weapons makes sense, but it raises some interesting questions. For example, could the Time Lords be forced to use violence if they encountered an enemy they couldn’t solve peacefully? And if so, is that something the Doctor would be willing to let happen?

Weapons or no weapons, the Doctor is deadly.

The long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who has been around for over 50 years. The show is set in a period known as the “Time War,” a conflict between Daleks and the humans. One of the main themes of Doctor Who is that knowledge is power. The Doctor often uses his knowledge of the universe to defeat his enemies.

One of the criticisms of Doctor Who is that it doesn’t have any weapons. It was first brought up in an episode called “The War Games”, which aired in 1975. In this episode, the Doctor defeats an alien race known as The War Lords by using his mental powers rather than using weapons. Since then, fans have asked why the TARDIS has no weapons.

It turns out this was intentional on the part of writer David Whitaker and producer Graham Williams.

What is TARDIS?

The Doctor’s time machine, the TARDIS, is one of the most iconic and well-known elements of Doctor Who. So what is it, exactly? And why doesn’t it have any weapons?

As it turns out, the TARDIS was originally designed as a civil transport, not a war machine. The only weapon on board is a sonic screwdriver, which can use for attacking and defending.

The TARDIS doesn’t have any other weapons because Doctor Who producer Sydney Newman didn’t want the show to appear militaristic or aggressive. He wanted it to see as more of a science fiction adventure series rather than a war drama.

So there you have it: the real reason the TARDIS doesn’t have any weapons! Thanks, Sydney Newman!