‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Only 5 Months: Couple Additions, No PlayStation Store Restoration

It’s been just over five months because Cyberpunk 2077 was released in December, also in this era of constant patches and updates, of which Cyberpunk has many, it’s kind of stunning how little has fundamentally changed with the game after all this time.


For five months now, probably 99 percent of their attention on Cyberpunk 2077 has been squashing thousands of bugs and enhancing performance. It really goes to show just what a demanding state the game was in at start, and just how much work it’s taken to get it to be coming a reasonable final product.


Yes, the game does run better now on most platforms than it did at launch, though for some, like first PS4s and Xbox One, it’s gone from”borderline unplayable” into”not good,” and it probably isn’t going to go much past that, as PC and next-gen consoles stay the finest places to playwith.




One problem is that even with 5 months concentrated on performance enhancements and bug fixes, the game Still Not Has Appeased Sony Sufficient to be sold on the PlayStation Store, not just for PS4, but also for PS5 in which it runs fairly decently at this point, and CDPR is losing a large amount of earnings as a outcome. It remains unclear what exactly Sony needs from them in order to restore it, and in this time, it seems as if they could only be waiting until the complete next-gen launching of Cyberpunk for PS5 (and Xbox collection X) this autumn. But that would be anywhere from 8-11 weeks in complete at which it had been off the shop. Not only unheard of, but tens of millions in potential lost earnings for CDPR, given the size of this PlayStation playerbase.


From a player perspective, I can honestly say that there has not been one update to the game in the past five months of patches and hotfixes to make me need to return to it. There are only so, a lot of quality of lifestyle changes, and those which do exist aren’t exactly gamechanging. Like yes, it is good that automobile icons are no longer assignment iconsor that cops won’t spawn 4 feet before you anymore, but it’s not anything to make me return to the game. No QoL features have arrived like clothing previews or appearance customization or anything like this.



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Cyberpunk Roadmap



In accordance with CDPR’s extremely nebulous roadmap, we should be visiting free DLC start to be rolled out in another month or so, as that has been delayed from early 2021 and is supposed to be arriving in the first half of the year. That are the 1 thing that would get me to return to the game, though it’s been an exceptionally lengthy delay to have this out, given all of the core fixes that needed to be produced instead. The Witcher 3, in contrast, started releasing its completely free DLC close to start in May 2015 and maintained releasing it occasionally through August when all of 16 bits were out. So in just four months it already had all of that published.


CDPR maintains they’re dedicated to the long term health of the game as they have stated they wish to keep selling copies”for a long time to come.” I’d certainly return for and even pay for purposeful Witcher-style DLC, but if this really does exist, it wouldn’t be until 2022 or later, again, way off the program of The Witcher 3.


This release is still one of the most vexing in current memory, and every time I revisit it, the scenario just does not seem to be advancing in any meaningful manner.


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