Cut Throat Method of Clothing Product Promotion Gaining Popularity

I know! You might be thinking what the heck is the title about? It’s not your typical cut throat method where people get screwed. It is literally cut throat method of creating a product photography known as ghost mannequin editing. Reason I said cut throat method is because the clothing image gets cut from the neck and below. There are few areas where the image gets cut. One is the neck line, one is the arms area and other one is at the bottom. This is the most common image cut out areas for a ghost mannequin photography editing. Specialty items such as lingerie or party gowns have different reequipments. Other specialty clothing items will have its own reequipments as well.

Process of Cutting Out a Clothing Item Photography

The process of creating a ghost mannequin photography is two-fold. In tier 1, a professional photographer takes the product photo. It takes a professional or commercial product photographer to take the product images. A point and shoot camera or an iPhone camera will not work. Yes, they will give you the product images. However, they will not serve the purpose of commercial publication.

Once the photographer takes the product images, it is then passed to the second hand. This second hand is the professional photo editing service provider company who then takes the images and creates the ghost mannequin photography. It takes special photoshop skill and attention to detail to create a ghost mannequin photography. You need to know which areas to cut out, how to join the cut pieces and how to retouch the joined image to give it a polished 3D look.

Cost of Ghost Mannequin Editing Service

The entire process of cutting out the clothing image and retouching or blending them in is extremely laborious as well as time consuming. Since we all know that time is money, how much it will cost someone to hire a professional photo editing service provider to get the job done will depend on how much time it takes to do the editing.

Aside from how much time it takes, it is also a consideration factor as to where the service is being rendered from. Per hour editing cost in the North Americas is not the same as per hour cost in a developing country. India, Bangladesh, Philippines are three countries that are popular destination for IT outsourcing. You just consider per capita income of a country and compare it with the per capita income in your own country. You will get the picture about the per hour labor cost in the respective countries.

If cost is of a concern, it is best to outsource the entire photo editing part of the project. This ghost mannequin editing is something that is best left for the professionals. Since offshore photo editing companies are doing this for a living, they are highly skilled in doing what they do on a day in day out basis.

Long Story Short

In conclusion, you must hire a professional photo editing service provider if you are in the retail ecommerce business. While it’s important to fit the service into the budget, hiring the cheapest service provider will not give you the quality editing which your clothing brand deserves.