Consequences Of Violating A Protection From Abuse Order

A protection from abuse order is a civil order that is usually issued to protect victims of child abuse, domestic violence, assault, stalking, and sexual harassment from their attackers. It sets guidelines that the offender must abide by to prevent the incident from occurring again. The order is issued by the court of law and is enforceable if the offender violates it. 

If the offender fails to follow the order, there are severe consequences they may face. If you have been accused of violating a protection from abuse order, you must take the proper legal steps to secure your future. You must consult with a protection from abuse attorney in PA to seek legal advice and representation. 

What are the consequences you may face for violating the order?

  • Impact on pending charges. 

Crimes such as sexual assault and domestic violence lead to complicated legal procedures to determine the right penalties for the offender. In cases where you have an ongoing legal procedure to determine the charges you will face for the crime, a violation of the order can significantly worsen your sentence. 

  • Criminal contempt charges. 

Criminal contempt charges may apply if the court believes the offender disrespected its authority by disobeying the order. Even a careless violation of the order can result in criminal prosecution. A conviction for these charges leads to severe consequences, and you may get up to six months in jail along with a fine of $300 to $1000. 

  • Criminal record. 

Contempt charges appear in your permanent record. A criminal record can have a drastic impact on your life. You may lose your job and your professional license to practice your career. It is also possible that you will be denied admission to educational institutes or jobs in the future because of your record. A criminal record also damages your reputation. 

  • Child custody problems. 

If someone you have children with has requested a protection from abuse order against you, likely, you are already experiencing problems visiting and gaining custody of your children. A violation of the order may make the situation even more complex, and you may be denied access to your children entirely. 

It is essential to comply with the protection from abuse order issued by the court to prevent such consequences. You must be aware of the terms stated and not violate them carelessly. A skilled and experienced attorney in PA knows your rights and can help you understand what you should do to defend yourself against an unfair order. They also help you reduce the severity of these consequences if you violate the order.