Compress your PDF File – Best online tools

Have you ever faced situations when you drag and upload a batch of PDF files in the panel, and some of them can’t be uploaded due to their large size? Well! If you have to deal with files and paperwork in any official setting, you might know how it feels to play along with PDFs. No doubt that PDFs are a versatile and handy file format that keeps your content safe and secured.


On the flip side, it becomes a bit heavy that makes it a daunting task to share them on the go. That’s the reason why many people use pdf compressor techniques to compress pdf file size and make it easier to transmit them via email or other online channels. Today, we have organized this post to introduce you to the best ways to reduce pdf size and the basics. So, read on to the bottom line.

What is a Compressed PDF?

Maybe it sounds odd to you after hearing the term ‘compressed PDF’. It is crucial to demonstrate what it is in general. The compressed word refers to something compatible or flattened. And everyone knows what PDF refers to – Portable Document Format. When we combine them we get a doc that is compatible with all devices and programs.


However, to have a compressed PDF you have to compress it via online PDF compressors. Many people think that after compression PDFs will get squeezed and the data will lose its quality. But the reality is a lot different. Let’s learn why compressing has become mandatory in today’s world. Take a look below.

Why Compress a PDF?

There are many reasons to compress PDF other than making its size compatible. Below, we have mentioned some points highlighting the perks of compressing your PDF files. Read on!

Make the transmission easier and faster.

Today, many online platforms such as WhatsApp, Slack, Google Drive, etc. have a particular size limit. And it does not mean that every size will be acceptable work for all. So, no matter how much effort you put into making your file tiny, you can’t make the best fit accordingly. Compressing would still be an essential step you will take. However, once you drop a compressed PDF file, you will have an easy transmission on the go.

Accessing Files More Quickly

Usually, recipients complain that the file you have shared is not loading. No doubt it will be a sad situation – especially when you are dealing in a business setting. The reason for this happening will again be the large PDF size that makes it hard to access files quickly. And here we will again say that compressing may help to get out of this context.

Make E-Collaborations Efficient

Assume the PDF File you have shared got received by the desired person. He accesses it pretty quickly without any disputes. Don’t you think as fast as the recipient will get into a PDF will respond as quickly? Of course, he will. So, don’t take a chance and always send a compressed PDF file.

Best Ways to Compress PDF Files On The Go

Now, as you have already learned the basics, it is time to talk about the ways to compress it. Well! There are tons of methods that you can use to compress a PDF File. However, the best and suggested technique to do it is by using online tools. Generally, online tools are free PDF Compressors that are easy to access, simple to use, and free of cost. Another reason to use them is the user interface and quality features that make the process smooth and precise.

Use PDF Compressor By Duplichecker

So, one of the best ways to compress PDF file is via Duplichecker. It is a platform that offers a comprehensive set of online tools that lets millions of people live a life of comfort. However, one of its most trending and luxurious tools is the PDF compressor that offers multiple features. It is 100% cost-free and has a user-friendly interface. All you need to do is drop your pdf file, hit the compress button, It will compress pdf file within a matter of seconds.

Access Smallpdf

Another tangible and superior method to reduce PDFs is by accessing Smallpdf. It is a tool that has opened the toolkit of many premium tools that lets you play along with your files. With the help of this tool, you can edit, merge, split, convert, and compress your PDFs without any hassles.

Go With the Free Compression With PDF2Go

Last in order but not of importance! PDF2Go is another website that offers a wide range of PDF tools. You can utilize them in the same way as you use other tools. It works on simple drag and drops features, adding ease to your life.


Believe it or not, but PDF Compression has become crucial today. And it has also become essential for everyone to know how to compress their files on the go. So, give a try to the mentioned tools and tips, if you haven’t yet!