Buying Guide & Design Tips: How to Customize Mouse Pads for Maximum Efficiency

When customizing your mouse pad, it is important to know the different ways you can customize them and were cost-effective customization can be applied, as well as some design tips and tricks for maximum efficiency. The biggest mistake people make when customizing their mouse pads is that they completely forget about how to best utilize real estate on a mouse pad – even though after customizing it looks amazing! Customization of its surface is not only artful but functional as well so let’s look at some customizations you can apply yourself or talk through with a custom design if you choose to go that route. What kind of customizations?

There are two main types: Surface / Texture changes such as speed vs control/clutch play styles depending on what type of gamer you are and custom graphic prints to give your custom mouse pad a unique look.

Texture Changes:

First, it is important to understand the difference between speed-based and control/clutch mice pads. A control or clutch play style mouse pad has a rough-textured surface which makes the user have more control over their mouse cursor – think of how sandpaper feels – whereas a speed-based mouse pad has a smooth glossy surface which makes the user’s cursor move faster but less controlled – think of how glass feels. These customizations can be applied to both cloth and hard-surfaced custom mouse pads. If you’re interested in having different textures on each side of your custom mouse pad, then there are certain limitations as due to the way custom mouse pads are manufactured. However, if you’re interested in getting customizations on the bottom side only then there are no limitations to how many custom print sections or textures can be applied to your custom mouse pad – it all depends on what you want and need!

Custom Graphics:

If you’d rather not have a textured surface at all but still custom design your own custom mouse pad to make it unique, then custom graphic prints are perfect for you. You can represent anything or anyone with any design or picture that is meaningful to you using your choice of the print medium (digital print vs sublimation). If digital printing is too expensive for your wallet then consider sublimated prints that last longer than digital prints because the ink is blurred into the custom mouse pads surface with heat. If you want custom graphics on your custom mouse pad, keep in mind that depending on how many colors are in your custom graphic print, it may limit what type of customizations can be used on either side of your custom mouse pad. Usually, there are no limitations with sublimated custom design prints which are great if you’re looking for something specific to represent yourself or your brand!

Some additional things to consider when customizing your mouse pad include: Texture changes do not typically affect custom graphic prints but they might affect where the print sits on the mouse pad. Digitally printed images have a tendency to blur over time so keep this in mind if you choose digital printing as the custom graphic prints.

Cloth custom mouse pads have a tendency to fray over time so if you’re interested in trying out a custom cloth mouse pad, consider having a custom non-cloth backing applied to it – this will prevent the custom mouse pad from fraying and losing its adhesion overtime.

When customizing your own custom mouse pad, be sure that your custom design does not affect the tracking or glide of your mouse as this would defeat the purpose of having a custom mouse pad! If you keep these things in mind when designing your custom print, then you’ll be able to create amazing-looking custom mouse pads without compromising performance!

Get started on designing your ideal custom printed or textured surface customized gaming mouse pad today by either visiting our custom mouse pad page or contacting us directly.


As custom mouse pads become more and more popular among gamers, there is no wondering why custom hard-surfaced custom printed or custom textured custom mouse pads will continue to be a top choice for gamers. There are just so many benefits from having a custom mouse pad that it would be crazy not to have one! Customize your own today – you deserve it!