Bryan Cranston Discusses the Prospect of a Malcolm in the Middle Reboot

In an interview, Bryan Cranston discussed the prospect of a Malcolm in the Middle reunion movie. Between 2000 and 2007, it showed seven seasons of Linwood Boomer’s Fox sitcom. It to widely praised by critics and won seven Emmys during that time. Frankie Muniz played the character Malcolm, while Bryan Cranston played his father, Hal. TJane Kaczmarek, Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Justin Berfield, & Erik Per Sullivan made up the rest of the dysfunctional family. Malcolm in the Middle, heavily influenced by pop-punk and 2000s youth culture, is still appreciat for its performances, plots, and clever singe-cam cinematography.

As the actor concedes, there have already been some serious negotiations regarding a Malcolm in the Middle revival movie. Cranston expressed considerable pleasure about playing Hal again and seeing his sitcom family again. Two decades later, though, he did not say whether he finalized anything. Here is what he said:

Will There Ever Be A Malcolm in the Middle Reboot?


It’s interesting to note that Cranston has already shown interest in bringing the Malcolm in the Middle cast back together on screen. Cranston state in 2016 that he “certainly hopes” Malcolm in the Middle would be brought back in some capacity. Cranston suggested that the sitcom may come back as a refurbished Netflix series or a one-off miniseries back when revival movies weren’t commonplace. He said that as the industry develops, he’s not sure precisely what a Malcolm in the Middle resurrection would look like, but given that he still gets along well with all of his co-stars, the entire cast would undoubtedly want to revisit their roles.

Because of the recent success of sitcom reunions like Friends: The Reunion & The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion, a Malcolm in the Middle comeback is now more feasible than ever. Naturally, Cranston would prefer a full-cast reunion. If the latest plans for the Zoey 101 revival movie are any indicator, the Malcolm in the Middle revival movie might still go through even if one or two cast members opted to skip it. Since the series has successfully upheld its reputation as one of the most significant family comedies of its era, both devoted longtime viewers and recent viewers are genuinely curious about the cast and characters’ current whereabouts.

Given that Cranston is involve in the creative side of the process, there is considerable assurance that whatever idea he comes up with for a Malcolm with in Middle reunion will honor everything fans liked about the program.