At about the 28th week of pregnancy, your baby will weigh roughly two and a half pounds.

Pelvic floor muscles assist to tighten the grip of your baby’s weight all through pregnancy and also helps you push when you’re due for labor and delivery.

For centuries now, yogis have been aware of the pelvic floor. In the practice of yoga, engaging your pelvic floor strength is known as Mula bandha, meaning “root lock”. Before long, women were advised to relax and raise their feet during this exercise. Now that we know the various benefits of exercise for mother and baby, it is essential to point out safe and suitable exercises.

  1. Hip Circle

This movement provides a range of benefits which includes stretching the hips and lower back and at the same time engages the core.

Envisage your hips as a spatula and that you’re trying to swerve your hips around. All 360 degrees of the circle to experience sweetness all around. This sweetness is a comforting stretch for your hips and lower back.


Start on all fours alongside your hand’s shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart.

Gently enclose your hips near one direction while maintaining a slight bend in your knees.

Slowly carry out the exercises and enjoy several circles in a particular direction before you stop and switch sides.

  1. Standing Lateral Stretch

This movement is beneficial in stretching the side body.

Experience the extension in your side body and don’t forget that the few muscles between your ribs play a helpful role for you to enjoy deep breathing.

Envisage your breathing into the right lung while you bend towards the left and vice versa.


Stand with your feet spread hip-width apart and place your arms overhead. Intertwine your fingers and bring your arms to face the sky.

On an inhale, reach across the left as if you were bending up and across a big beach ball so that you don’t break down to the side of your body.

Enjoy 3-5 deep breaths on the left and go back to the center to regain balance.  Then switch sides.

  1. Seated Side-to-Side Rock

This movement is beneficial in mobilizing muscles of the pelvic floor.

Experience a mobile feeling in the hips as if you’re a child playing and having fun with a beach ball. different benefits for pelvic mobility exist for this form of exercise.


On the stability ball, sit with your feet spread slightly apart, wider than hip-width apart. Sit up tall through your torso and place your hands on your hips or stretch them straight towards you at the height of your shoulders.

Experience your sit bones gently pushing into the ball. Start moving your body unto the left sit bone while you exhale. You’ll likely experience a secondary contraction in your waist muscles.

Move towards the center and then switch sides.

Go through rounds of this exercise and do not forget to breathe deeply and naturally. Using a focal point can also be of great help.

  1. Wall Squat

This movement is beneficial in strengthening the hips, legs, and as well correct stabilizers.

Experience a rightful Sense of grounding from your feet while you’re on this exercise.


Keep a stability ball close to the wall at the height of your hips and move your body away from the ball so that the ball relaxes gently over your tailbone as you keep your feet hip-width apart.

Standing up tall in your torso, breathe in, and squat down till your knees come to a 90-degree angle. Naturally, the ball will roll up the length of your spine till it’s beyond your shoulder blades. Concentrate on the pelvic floor stretching in four directions below the movement.

On an exhale, stretch your legs and maintain the standing position. Then gently engage your glutes at the top of the movement. When you stretch your legs to get up, you will experience a gentle lift in the pelvic floor. At the top of this movement, you may incorporate a Kegel. Repeat this exercise 12-15 times.



  1. Kneeling Hip Abduction

This movement aims at strengthening the outer thighs, the hips, and stabilizes the core using the ball.


Kneel unto the floor using the right side of your torso laying on the stability ball. Keep your right knee on the floor and your right forearm on the ball. Rest your left hand on your hip and your left leg will stretch straight.

On an exhale, raise your left leg slowly till it’s parallel with the floor.

On an inhale, allow the leg to come down till it reaches the floor. Repeat 12-15 times and switch sides.


This pregnancy yoga exercise has been able to change your body mind and heart. Congratulations! Although experiences differ, the same person can encounter a different experience with each pregnancy, just know what suits you.