Best live TV Streaming Services Available Right Now

We are living in a digital world where people prefer to do work from home rather than going to offices and where students are taking online courses because their sleeping patterns will get disturbed if they wake up in the morning and travel to another corner of the city. Everyone is looking for something that offers ease and that saves their money and that totally makes sense. Who doesn’t want to save money and when it offers you flexibility as well? A wired connection isn’t required anymore to stream. If you have a smart device, you can stream anywhere and anytime. All you need is a good internet connection that offers you high download speed consistently. With the internet connection, you can do a lot of other activities as well on top of the streaming. Internet is a necessity and everyone has it. If you are paying for internet services, you can save a lot by cutting your cord and getting streaming services.

For those who like to watch movies and TV series in their bed with snacks, streaming services are for them. No one needs traditional cable TV service. If you have a subscription to a good streaming platform, you will be getting access to tons of amazing content which you can watch anytime and anywhere if you have an internet connection.

There are many cable companies that stopped providing cable TV services to people due to lower viewership. One of the two households in America has access to streaming platforms like Netflix. With the streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, many people stopped getting cable TV services and the numbers of their subscribers are going up every day. Streaming services are very economical and offer you the flexibility that you can never get with the traditional cable TV service. If we only talk about Netflix, Netflix has more than a 100million global subscribers and most of these subscribers spend at least two hours a day on Netflix.

There are many streaming platforms through which you can get access to live TV content. We have done our research and as per our research, the following are the best shots that you have with the streaming services.

Spectrum Live TV streaming service

Those people who have an internet connection from  Spectrum can get live TV streaming services from Spectrum. There are different streaming plans offered by Spectrum and you get access to an impressive variety of channels. With other streaming platforms, you don’t usually get access to on-demand content but Spectrum offers on-demand content to their customers. With the Spectrum app installed on your device, you can watch your favorite show anywhere, anytime, even if you are outside of your house. You won’t be paying any sub charges like sports surcharges or any broadcast fee. The only charges that you will be paying will be the service charges. There will be no contract and all plans will come at promotional rates. There are three different plans offered by Spectrum. To find out more about Spectrum plans and deals, reach out to localcabledeals Spectrum Deals and you might get a good deal on internet and streaming services with Spectrum.


Hulu can be an excellent shot for the on-demand content for the current and classic TV series but for those who are into Live TV, Hulu Live TV plan would be perfect for them. It’s very impressive. With Hulu, you can get access to all the major sports, news, and movies channels and the best part is that if you want the DVR services, you can get that with Hulu. With the excellent DVR capabilities, you can record your favorite shows and can watch them later. You will be getting access to an extensive live TV channel lineup. If you want to go for the offline download feature, you will have to get a premium account. The prices of Hulu plans go from $6.99 per month to $64.99 and it all depends on your needs. You can pick any plan that suits your budget and needs.

YouTube TV

With the YouTube TV service, you will be getting an excellent variety of channels, amazing DVR service, and amazing video quality. For those who want to get an alternative to traditional cable TV services at low cost and with amazing features; YouTube TV is the best shot. You get access to an amazing channel lineup of sports, news, and entertainment. You can stream on three devices simultaneously with just one account. YouTube TV has excellent ad-ones. The only con with YouTube TV is the basic parental control option. YouTube TV charges $64.99 per month for the services.


FuboTV is also one of the best Live TV streaming platforms through which you can get services and get access to an excellent channel lineup that will include tons of live sports and on-demand entertainment content. FuboTV has an excellent web interface and you can get access to some 4K content as well. You will be getting a 7-days free trial and if you don’t like the service, you can cancel it and there will be no charges that you will be paying. FuboTV monthly service charges are $64.99 per month.

Summing it up

All the streaming platforms that offer streaming services come with incredible advantages, yet each streaming platform has its own cons. If multiple users will connect their devices with the internet connection, your internet speed will go down and if the speed goes down, you won’t be able to stream or perhaps if you’ll be streaming, you’ll face problems related to the video quality and trust me, you will be super frustrate if that happens for twice or more.

There are many other benefits of streaming services like more flexibility, more convenience, and ad-free content, etc. and this list never ends. It’s all up to your needs and your budget. For some people, cable TV service is the best shot and some people are crazy for streaming services. You need to figure out if you want something new and better at a better price with better features or you are okay with the usual and paying extra bucks every month.