Best Explainer Video Animation Examples

If you run an internet company, you should keep in mind that a large portion of your target audience is unaware of the services you provide.

According to research, one out of every three Americans has no idea how the internet works. Consider who in your audience doesn’t understand your technical jargon.

Anyway, don’t panic. You are in the right place. To express your brand’s narrative in the simplest manner possible, all you need is a solid explainer video. And win your target’s attention.

You’ll learn all you need to know about explainer videos and how to build them in this post. You will also get our list of the best explainer video animation examples for 2021.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a brief film that highlights the most important details about a company’s goods or services. Consider it a succinct, educational, and entertaining sales presentation.

Why is an Explainer Video Important? 

There are a number of reasons why explainer videos are necessary. Here are some:

Increases your conversion rate

Landing pages with explainer videos had an 86 percent greater conversion rate, according to data. Dropbox, for example, grew from zero to 100 million users with only one animated explainer video.

Furthermore, 72 percent of companies feel that explainer films have increased conversion rates. 

Provides clearer descriptions of your service/features product’s and benefits.

If your product, no matter how useful it is, seems to be complicated, you have no option but to assist your consumers in learning how to utilize it.  And that’s where explainer videos come in.  In fact, people learn quickly from videos. 

Significantly boosts engagement

Video beats other kinds of content in terms of organic search. Explainer videos also do a wonderful job of satisfying search intent and boosting engagement since they are aimed toward resolving your audience’s problems.

Now that you know the importance of explainer videos, here are 5 of the best ones you can learn from.

5 Amazing Explainer Video Examples You Need To Bookmark

  1. Crazy Egg

This Crazy Egg explainer film has a single character interacting with several areas that visualize the voiceover’s information. The scenario moves just enough to maintain the viewer’s interest.

The character has a lighthearted tone about him, and the design is retro. 

  1. McDonalds – New McDonalds App

Creating an animated explainer video isn’t simple, but McDonalds makes it appear easy in this sleek animated film. Customers may use this entertaining, bright character-led instructional video animation to learn how to claim promotions on the McDonald’s app. The minimal backdrop and characters are utilized to great effect here, keeping your focus on the app!

  1. CrowdSec

Now we would like to present a recent animated video created for CrowdSec, a cyber security startup, by the great company Explain Ninja. Read more about the work of this company here:

In this video, a simple story about the danger of data leakage for users and an excellent solution to the problem is CrowdSec. The style of the illustrations is predominantly purple and complemented by other colors that are often associated with the concept of data. And yes, the attackers who steal user data are portrayed as vicious demon robots stalking people in the digital world.

  1. CAST Highlight SCA

Although this video is technically from 2019, we felt compelled to post it. Some companies fear that their brand is too corporate for animated explainer films, but CAST has proven them incorrect. Combining smooth transitions with relevant material is a terrific concept, as this animated software demo video demonstrates. Well done, CAST!

  1. SwiftPass – Corporate Animated Video

Next, we have a video produced by the SwiftPass team. SwiftPass is a one-stop shop for mobile payment solutions, including acquiring, issuing, and business solutions to build a full mobile payment ecosystem. SwiftPass’s marketing team performed an amazing job of simplifying their difficult software solution into an easy-to-understand, aesthetically appealing explainer video. The SwiftPass team developed an animated explainer film that is both on-brand and appropriate for a modern audience by combining their brand colors with modern iconography and smooth transitions.